Addiction/recovery industry

Addiction entrepreneurs and the development of the recovery industry.

We are witnessing the development of the recovery industry in real time. Addiction entrepreneurs sell co dependence to unwitting addicts and academics thriving for credentials to bolster their validity and worth. It’s as much of a myth as the old adage, “it takes an addict to help an addict.

Even more tragic is that being an addict is becoming a component of the academic curriculum. This realization moves recovery further away from its origins in psychology and creates a whole new genre of pseudoscience surrounding the mental health origins of addiction.
Addiction is not a disease, it’s a symptom.

The current buzz in the addiction hustle is “opioid addiction”. This narrative is co dependent in its origins and may result in billions of dollars distributed amongst academics, lawyers, and “recovery programs”. Addicts won’t see dollars, they’ll see an uptick in pseudoscientific faculties and staff. Another “12 steps” to failure.

It’s easy to see how entrepreneurs and addicts are excited about the possibilities of new found co dependent dollars, but where are all the psyche folks. We hear crickets chirping from the halls of psychiatric and psychological classrooms. Surely they see the violation of the cardinal rule of co dependence in this narrative. So what’s with the silence.

This model for civic action has probably reached further heights than any other in history. It’s the gay civil rights movement that wielded these tactics successfully, not for profit though, they were seeking to be understood and accepted. This is where the entrepreneurs have had success. Never state you believe you’re a minority or oppressed class, but attack as if you are. This is why at times their narrative sounds familiar.

As with the 12 step shuffle, some will get healthy, some will trudge along through life with a theme, and some will die. We’ll mourn and celebrate as we have in the past. All the while using or blaming addicts as our scapegoat for failing to state that addicts have mental health issues and addiction is a symptom of those issues. Then treat them accordingly.

Thoughts on Love

Thoughts on love
Love has many faces and thoughts we only understand on the surface. It can’t be understood, only felt. We trivialize it with intentional words and actions that belie it’s real meaning. The true secret is “love is universal”.
Today most folks see through the emptiness of romantic love as a constant emotion. We understand it’s possibility as a temptation to true love. We celebrate romantic love on occasions or on different anniversaries, but we understand it mostly as memories or possibilities to indulge in our desires. Something to cherish.
There are billions of anecdotes and quips written about love being true, or a gift, but really it’s a constant, like air. We breathe billions of breaths and never consider the air we breathe. Love is much like this.
Love should never be about what someone does for you. Therefore it should never be about what someone does against you. Maybe I should say it doesn’t have to be about what someone does for or against you. Love is always there, like air, although you have a choice with love. And that’s the gift. The ability to chose love.
Some folks believe there are many kinds of love. I don’t believe that. There’s one kind of love that is part of the fabric of life that blankets our existence. It’s constant, patient, and forgiving. It’s not bound to bloodlines or vowels. No societal contracts or lineage hold the keys to love. Love is free like the air we breathe.
Families, culture, and society try to frame our vision of love. You can’t see love in a ring or a house, but you can feel it from a smile in a home. There’s not love in a kiss or a dollar. There is love in an embrace you freely receive and let yourself go. Prove you’re not afraid of love. Demonstrate you’re not afraid of hurt any more than joy. Show the world you know in the end love is always just an awareness away. It can be a subtle as hello or as profound as a grief stricken embrace of finality. Love is always there, it has no tense. Like time or air, love is.
Some would say love is positive so therefore hate is negative. These people just can’t look far enough into the realization that hate is a reaction to love as a perceived failure. Love is who we are and hate is a choice resulting from despair, disappointment, or perceived inadequacy. Even wrapped up in hate a person looks for a foothold to love. People wrapped up in love don’t look for hate. It’s like polluted air. You can walk around breathing it not realizing the whole while it’s poisoning you until you breathe fresh air.
We take for granted those constants in our life. Love, air, or time and space. Maybe that’s the lesson. We should create an awareness of those things that give us life and meaning. Its difficult to awaken and become aware of yourself and surroundings. It takes effort to check yourself and see the love around you. It isn’t really about being blind as much as choosing to be patient and thoughtful.
I was driving past a pot hole the other day looking for love. I just saw a worn road and houses sagging with age and dysfunction.
My filter was fogged. Then I considered the folks who patched the road, and quickly thought of the stereotypical city worker, not much help. Then I considered the guy busting his ass in the 100 degree plus heat so he could go home to dinner with a family he fed. The love was there right in front of me, but I had to desire it. I had to chose to look past what my senses were experiencing and chose love.
Love doesn’t stop at marriage or the birth of a child. It’s not confined to incremental successes or occasional emotional episodes. Love transcends moments and memories. It lacks desire and is destroyed by possession. Love is a constant awareness that’s intentional. I’m reminded of “seek and you will find” and all the love around that I don’t look for.

He Believed

Shards of sunlight pierce the glass
Illuminating the grayish shroud
To a waxen white finality

Dust swirls in the quiet of sunlight
Finally resting on the wooden accents
Silencing the room

I stare at the recorder thinking
Wondering what his last breath said
As memories of his words echo

The recorder sits silently unaware
His last wish was his last breath
Would be recorded for posterity

No one understood the clarity of death
And his one last hope was the euphoria
Would reveal the one truth

The one truth that would unravel
The mystery of suffering and joy
Undulating across existence

He lived for the one moment
The moment all was revealed
And peace would reign within

A peace that you could feel by
Looking at each other outside life
For a fleeting glimpses of us

He believed in thought as power
To transcend violence, pain, and
all the insecurities of not knowing

He believed all the shouting distracted
Humanity from hearing the truth of life
And all the beautiful rhythms it held

He believed the universe was one song
rhythmically keeping evil at bay
Through echoes of silence

I learnt to listen from his silence
Listening was my portal to sanity
To understand the chaos around me

Moments can wipe away decades
With one silent moment of understanding
Reverberating across space and time

But he wasn’t an actor, he was a thinker
And in that world everything was possible if we just listened for the one truth

The collective truth exhaled in the silence
Of death revealed for a finite moment
To anyone who could rise above the noise

In the end, sitting in his room watching,
I realized that his life was my lesson
Changing with each rotation of the sun

He already left the room for his one song
As I played his highlights like a slideshow
Silently reminding me that words can be silent

His voice is inside me now, reminding
Telling me that words just echo
Without actions to color the world

There is no last breath, it’s a lie
Because his one last breath
Is within me to be passed along

His thoughts are part of my actions
And my actions bring life to goodbyes
And smiles to hello’s, I learnt to talk

To share the one song we’re given
Because it’s ours, so he was right
I finally payed attention to his thoughts

The recorder was a prop, an impetus
For me to listen and speak to myself
About the words and thoughts he loved

So now I am part of his universe
Through his note within the song
That now echoes within me, silently

Boomers Last Breath

Boomer’s dying, and we’re suffering
As we have for 60 some years
Obliging, ignoring, even condescending

It seemed the bully was the problem,
But Boomer was a psychopath
Willing to go further than reality

Maybe it was the passive vibes
And vibrant colors against a black and white landscape that created the monster

He pretended to be a hippie for years
Till the cults got tangled in bloody hair
And could no longer be loves child

Hence the yuppie arrived, and Boomer reigned supreme
Slinking off to the Taylor and the Barber
He blended sex and drugs into dollars and sense

Immersed in the machine he thrived
Creating wealth and dreams using the muscle and brains he’d fried with envy years before.

Shedding his plastic beads and leather bracelets he marketed everything in sight
And why not, everything in his existence had a shelf life

Silently Boomer planned his revenge
Behind polyester and vinyl intentions laced with an inferiority and patience

Patience in the knowledge that time was on his side and he would one day ride without merit to industrialize life

This psychedelic memory of incompetence fueled his hidden rage
At all the failures

Floating cars, space travels, psychotropic transcendence all came down to luxury vehicles, satellite stations, and pain so unbearable he taught his kids to medicate mediocrity and blame the world

And then the ultimate insult, the one good thing that Boomer created, music became the backdrop for Disney movies in theaters where Boomer sat silently next to his pasty grandchildren throwing tantrums over skittle colors

With the communes being relegated to dust towns, space programs hijacked by secret agents, and government becoming the top rated television series his failures became a mirror

Clinging to his music and narcissism remnants of his failures echo in Congress and comic books, super hero movies and sales conferences, even marijuana dispensaries and pain clinics

Boomer always made a lot of noise even though no one was listening. His moment came and went like a comet in the desert sky. Unfortunately our universe is so small his ass came back round to shine

History will judge him harshly!

The True American

To the world
I’m not an evil empire or imperial wizard. I’m not oppressing you, or your rhetoric. I’m the last small voice of freedom screaming into the wind. I achieved freedom along a long slippery line of patriots. I am not a government, I’m an American.

I don’t want your land or resources outside of a fair barter. I have plenty. My land and my resources are also under fire, but it’s safer here than anywhere else in the world. Government in America is creeping closer to what you’ve seen or accepted, but I fight back. I fight within the confines of a shared dream hundreds of years old, but still valiant.

Your monetary system is yours. I don’t need your wealth. I’ve extended my heart to your efforts and it’s been bitten and grasped. That’s how life taught me to look past a dollar, or a euro. You can keep your banks and greased hands along with mine. I’m not a banker. Freedom is my currency.

My blood and dollars have been soaked into the earth around the world. Mixed with yours. Our souls look down with tears at the folly of men with fat pockets and thick waistlines. I am not a mercenary or warrior. I am a defender, a worker, and family man like you. I fight for freedom, regardless of other men’s intent. I’ve bled for you.

I don’t want anything I don’t work for or fairly barter. I have pride in what I create and the freedom I have to do that. I am not threatened by your monarchies, your theocracies, or your oligarchs. That’s your decision, but that isn’t welcomed here. We stand alone each and everyone of us together to protect freedom. We come together to celebrate, participate, or defend this choice.

We don’t want your Gods. We are free to define God for ourselves. Each and everyone of us has a belief that is a guiding principle. Some more than others. Our God is not our ruler. No one rules a free man. And that’s how it was intended. We pray for the world, maybe out of selfishness, but freedom needs a soul as well as a weapon.

You cannot just trample our borders seeking to redefine everything we’ve built and cry about the influence we’ve created in your land. We aren’t hypocrites. You’re welcomed here in the pursuit of freedoms you may be missing, but the American isn’t looking for your way of life. Leave your politics behind and bring a tradition to be shared. Come humbly and you’ll be celebrated, come with intent and you’ll be ostracized. It’s simple. When you go to someone’s house you knock, you bring food or joy, and you respect the table that is serving you.

Our government is dysfunctional, but Americans are resolute. Now might not be a time to join us, we have lots of work to do to clean our house. One thing I promise you. Every American will die a free man fighting enemies foreign or domestic, even if it’s our own government. The colors of our flag and it’s meanings are ingrained in our souls and run through our veins.

Don’t make the mistake of equating us to our government, we tolerate government for a greater good. They have boundaries and we’ll push back when they infringe on our right to be free men. We need you if you truly want to be free and can accept the responsibilities that come with that, many of your countryman have tasted that fruit. We are not accepting revolutionaries or politicians. Only free men need apply.

The True American

Addiction: industry vs institution

The so called “Drug Epidemic” is really getting on my nerves. Not because of the drugs, not because of the addicts, but because of the myths that perpetuate the problem. In fact, 12 steps may have inadvertently perpetuated this problem into the the future ad nauseam.

I’m not negating the benefits of shared experiences in resolving issues. It’s definitely a phase. However, in no other treatment do we use the anecdotal records of experience as the basis of treatment. We don’t do this because it’s often unreliable, and in some realms of dysfunction it becomes a contest resulting in the winner getting a badge of experience.

Folks that truly understand addiction as a result of behavioral, medical, and scientific study are largely out of the loop. At best their knowledge is invited through entrepreneurial endeavors if they support the current pseudoscientific premises of the “rehab industry”. Any attempt to institutionalize treatment is a threat to the industry and met with extreme prejudice.

The latest tactic in the industry is to attack the substances. Popular pain medications are attacked in a manner that they are guilty. Yes, a pill is guilty! The law suits against pharmaceutical companies hinges on popular beliefs accepting that because they make billions and addicts get addicted that the companies are guilty of “addicting” people. This convolution is critical for the “industry” to promote.

In order for you to believe this you have to set aside that these medications save millions of folks who take them as prescribed from pain and discomfort. You have to completely ignore the “street drugs” that the majority of addicts will eventually take due to the difficulty of maintaining s prescription and the cost involved.

You also have to ignore the Doctor who is running a “pill mill”, the insurance companies who process an inordinate amount of prescriptions, and the pharmacist who blindly fills prescriptions for profit. This is where regulations fail in the name of profit. Now you have this battle between the “industry” and the “institution” over the profits of addiction.

The profit for the “industry” relies on attacking the pharmaceutical companies. It’s more profitable and consolidates the enemy. While this is a tried and true legal maneuver, it has absolutely nothing to do with the addict or addiction. The problem is everyone suddenly has a “bogey man” who’s pockets are lined with dollars and addicts become victims, rather than folks with mental health problems.

The profit for the “institution” relies on “pain management” to perpetuate the profits. These clinic are often “for profit”. An entrepreneur can open a “pain management” clinic and just hire Doctors to run it. This is a way to keep the profits rolling along and justifying long term pain management. A Doctor can take s knee injury and extend the care through MRI’s, CAT scans, and arthroscopic surgeries. These “steps” can take years, all the while scheduling the medicine through “pain management” over those years.

Now you have the “industry” vs the “institution” and this noise has dominated the problem of addiction and spread it to the education industry where you can get a certificate or degree in addiction therapy without a degree in psychology. All you need is the “addiction credential” and you’re a celebrated genius who will drown out the real professionals.

This problem is way too old to be still around. The average hustle on the street lasts about a week. This hustle is decades old and it morphs every time its threatened on either side. All along the addict in the middle suffers from malpractice and predatory practices.

The way to a sensible addiction treatment is behavioral management. We need the psychological community to step up and sound off about the reality of addiction. Everyone needs to stop being enamored by the gal who “survived” addiction, and start being enamored by the folks that survived a dysfunction treatment community.


Words hang in the balance
Sometimes awkwardly
Sometimes stolid

But what to do
When actions aren’t possible
Or words echo into nowhere

When all you can do is think
Because distance seems silent
When all you hear are thoughts

But think we must
It’s a portal to words
With endless possibilities

Staying true to your thoughts
So when the opportunity to speak
Arises truth sets you free

Keeping your word
It’s more than staying true
It’s speaking truth

The voices in your head
Must be yours
Void of thoughts about if

Peace be with you
Is not s tactile exercise
To be handled

Peace comes with understanding
Understanding humanity resides in you
And therefore there is a larger one

I am humanity, just as we are
And our thoughts create words
As mine create who I am

It’s not about right of wrong,
This is just a balance
Created for a higher truth

Our thoughts belong to the universe
Regardless of their color or tone
This is how words form rainbows

Each word is an hue
within an infinite spectrum of thought
Guiding humanity into the undiscovered

Here we’re not alone
Never lonely in the comfort of thought
But set in the knowledge we share

So I’m never lost after all
Not alone, nor lonely
If I just reach out to the universe

The vast nature of us
That is one or one billion
Always the same

In this world we are always
We are constant
We are one in al the samep

So here I’ll hold you in thoughts
Till words create actions
That allow us to speak

Then the circle can grow
Through kind words
And defining smiles