Violence is behavior, not an object or substance

Violence is a mental health issue that the healthcare industry, Center for Disease Control, and the government are responsible for. Their collective approach of demonizing substances and objects is ignorance and incompetence at best.

There are millions of researched papers on everything from domestic violence to gun violence written by competent researchers that outline the root causes of violence and possible treatments or programs. Politically we don’t use our academic knowledge because it’s not reactive. This has led to a nationwide ignorance of the situations we face as Americans.

The complexity of these problems are daunting. They begin with families, are reinforced by communities, and in some cases cultural identities develop based on these ignorances. Someone who is angry enough to act out violently against other people is mentally ill.

When I say mentally ill, this is even misunderstood. Take for instance the Kalamazoo, Michigan man who became the Uber driver who went on a shooting rampage. His initial ploy was to say the Uber App took over his mind and made him do it.

Subsequent investigations revealed he met his wife after the first incident and exchanged vehicles. During this exchange he told his wife he couldn’t tell her what he was doing, but when she watched the 11:00 o’clock news she would know. He also wore a protective armored vest. He continued to pick up and deliver other Uber customers in between three shooting events over several hours into the night.

He eventually dropped the Uber Satan defense and plead guilty to the murders and assaults. The revealing part to the whole story is the wife didn’t call the police after her husband called her to meet him at his parents, gave her a gun, and left the first car damaged. It seems she went home to await the 11:00 o’clock news. This is telling of a not so normal family life, but the news chose to focus on he had no criminal history, and even produced Facebook photos of him playing with his children in the snow. It was a much more dramatic story if he was “normal” and just snapped.

The nation was gripped by the narrative. The sad part is that nothing more was said about his history. Any half intelligent person can surmise that there were factors that led up to this that weren’t reported because the narrative of the “story” wouldn’t be as dramatic. There were tens of thousands of folks watching this story who looked around their living room and noticed similarities in someone in their family, but continued to say nothing.

Whether or not he was mentally ill is not a question. You have to be mentally unstable to do what he did. This is scary ground for most folks. No one wants to believe they could do something “crazy”. What we don’t see is the childhood or family life as an adult and all the little signs that with the right trigger can make someone a horrific character in a tragedy.

I use this example to demonstrate the misleading narratives that surround violence, especially gun violence. Health professionals, the CDC, and the government know that violence cannot be stopped by eliminating weapons, bombs, knives or any other inanimate object.

This mentality has creeped into the addiction narrative by demonizing OxyContin, fentanyl, and other drugs that help millions of folks who take them as prescribed and move on to a drug free life when the prescription runs out.

It’s moved in and out of the diet narrative for decades. Eggs are bad, then meat is unhealthy, through gluten and a whole host of foods that are responsible for the increase in the life of the average American.

We don’t ban hamburgers from healthy people because obese folks can’t control themselves. We can’t scrap vehicles because some folks drink or take prescriptions irresponsibly. Its pure ignorance to think this way, but this is the prevalent thought in America today.

The media and the government are responsible for perpetrating this ignorance. It creates a cause that’s dramatic and ignorant politician feed of deceitful media outlets. We need to fight back with intelligent narratives if we’re to purge ignorance from these idiots making dollars off our pain.

The healthcare industry is just as culpable. They know that these popular dramatic reactions aren’t real cures for any ill, in fact this rubric has compounded the problem. Mental health illness and mental health episodes are rampant in America. Homelessness, domestic violence, gun violence are all great examples of how we’re not looking after each other in a healthy manner, and healthcare professionals are doing nothing.

The center for disease control keeps statistics for deaths and violence. They know that the gun violence problem in America is not a national problem, it’s a cultural problem taking place regularly in the same environments as an established cultural reaction. Whether it’s in a hood or an upscale school, the characters are predictable and reproducible, but nothing is done. We just believe getting rid of weapons will get rid of our problem. Getting rid of a certain drug will cure addiction. Getting rid of certain types of food will make us healthy. Its bullshit and makes no sense when you say it out loud.

We have to hold those responsible accountable. Politicians, healthcare professionals, law enforcement are all responsible. Our academicians and especially the psychiatric community are responsible. We have to focus on the source of violence and that’s behavior.

I’m frustrated. I detest ignorance touted as if it’s intelligence. We’ve wasted billions, of not trillions of dollars and millions of lives over grown folks sitting around in committees that have ignorant assumptions as their basis for meeting. They’ve come to ridiculous conclusions and recommendations based on failed hypotheses. No one calls them out?

We have to become louder in our demand for representation that is intelligent and directed by goals for solutions based on real problems. We can’t keep letting this reactive politic invade our intellectual endeavors to find real solutions to real problems based on real understanding. We have to thwart ignorance unapologetically or we’ll be having this conversation for the next thirty years as we have for the last.



Its not sadness, it’s foreboding
The darkness never blinds
It opens the mind to possibility
And memories in kind

It’s not fear, it’s freedom
Shining on a hill
You’ll never climb
That keeps you still

It’s not dread, it’s hope
That sits on a shelf
Awaiting your return
To move yourself

Past the pain and the fear
Beyond the shame
To take that first step
Towards you again

Mired in the world
Where each tangled moment
Is held with contempt
Or pulled with regret

You struggle within a though
Like a passenger
Gazing out the windshield
Haunted by the rear view mirror

All the while traveling
Towards a crossroad
Where the three of you
Come together as one

Once again it’s you
Along an empty horizon
No longer searching
Or remembering when

Free to roam the possibilities
Without tomorrow
Or yesterday
And all it’s sorrow

The Gift of Family

I feel ya, that’s what they say
During the evenings alone
Throughout the day

Your gone, but real
I’m here, but not
And that’s our deal

I’m blessed by you
What’s left behind
And the things to do

Your next to me reminding
Through unconditional eyes
And the love I’m finding

I’m gonna do better
From where I stand
Down to the letter

But you’ve work too
From where you stand
I’m watching you

Man to man we walk
Unseen by others
Nor hear us talk

My debt never paid
A lifetime of joy
From choices you made

Forgetting my debt
In your silence
I gather regret

Nights are a reminder
you breathe through me
And be a little kinder

But soon looms a date
A chance to remember
it’s never too late

To keep you alive
In memories I don’t have
Soon to arrive

Your debt unpaid
Entwined in my dreams
And plans we made

And in the end
Joy and happiness
Ours to send

Through eyes eternally
always sharing
The gift of a family


Folks who talk of rights have made assumption that contradict their cries of freedom. If I am sovereign rights don’t exist and your proficiency in grammar can’t change that. It’s here the crux of death for freedom breathes.

Government is the first nick in the armor of the sovereign man. Citizens need structures to their freedom. The fear of living or dying to yourself lacks the safety afforded by rules and consequences fabricated. We’ve lost the belief that life, nature, takes care of its own. Dying for another man is suddenly noble.

Religion preys on fear. The fear that replaces men looking eye to eye, but rather the fear of entities larger than yourself subverting your sovereignty for a greater good. We can’t see we are not the greater good, I “am” is the greater good.

As we dwindle as men, now we’ve become a function. No longer relying on our sovereignty. We rely on others as structures dictate. Suddenly it makes a false sense that outside of the structure you’re less, rather than whole. Now we believe there’s endeavors past our toils.

Slowly we’re in fear of our sovereignty because we’ve become accustomed to the false sense of security put forth by the structure. Inevitably they add to their structure and with each new situation your sovereignty is strangled to the point you can’t breathe alone. It’s here the real death occurs.

This point of no return leaves men with their heads bowed and knees chafed. The shackled mind believes truths that are convenient in fear of losing the very thing that’s choking them. From here death is where the bonds of society released and maybe once again you’re whole. Prepared to transcend the compromise of freedom.

It’s a fight today. A difficult balance to be sovereign, free of the traps associated with government. You must barter with your sense daily to keep the hounds at bay, because once they have you treed, the noise is deafening and there’s only one way down. All the while you unwittingly became part of the hunt.

Beware of those espousing freedom, especially yours. They may or may not know that the honor they seek is your sovereignty. Judge the field as a native and plant good seeds. Don’t become a farmer. Hunt the bush as one of the animals and forego becoming a hunter. Speak truths and peace without preaching. Most importantly, lend a hand without becoming a debtor. Even then you run the risk of becoming a part unwittingly.

Gift of Silence

The gift is old,
No longer possible
Nor shines like gold

There were moments,
Passed or played,
Not well spent

For gifts are shared
Not held
Or compared

Some you can open,
Others create,
Others spoken

It’s not the words praised
Or or objects held
For spirits raised

It’s the thought
That feels
Emotions caught

The gift of silence,
We’re understood
In just a glance

Seasons of the Heart

I used to feel more than the wind
I could hear the echo of memories
Dancing through my life
Sometimes glory, other times strife

My scorched soul lies in wait
As the summer sun mercilessly shines
Down on flesh and sand equally
Burning memories in kind

An autumn breeze becomes a scent
More than a smell, it’s a place and time
Traveling in a retrospective glance
With no reason or rhyme

Then the cold winter wind blows
touching chilling moments of pain
Freezing scenes of hope
As memories and fears wane

Then springs hope with the sounds
Of yesterday and tomorrow
The youth of thought
And the melting of sorrow

These are the seasons of my heart
Colorful and tragic in the same
Displayed for all to see
Or feel as I became

Virtual Pariahs

The parasitic nature of society and culture feeds off your thoughts. Seeking justification at any expense. Some aspects more voracious than others, but never satisfied all the same. Don’t give your mind away to some ephemeral notion of solidarity when your surrounded by folks who only want your unconditional love.
The nature of politics today is division. Race has lost its effect. Gender is too confused, and no sane person believes in “politics anymore. So now the division will creep into your family. They won’t stop until they’ve divide your intellect from your emotion and you’re running around with cardboard signs instead of sitting around a table enjoying food, family, and friends.
Some folks are consumed. They claim some intellectual high ground while running around cities with infantile antics and adorned with the most offensive garb, actions, and words. These are the pariahs in disguise.
If someone is demanding your loyalty step away. You don’t owe anyone anything. Loyalty is earned through the taste of blood, sweat, and tears. It’s not sold through sound bites or photos that lack touch. It’s not deserved through antics or promises. If someone is doing things for a collective group, good or bad, they’re doing just that, collecting.
Don’t be fooled into isolating yourself from the characters around you for the characters presented in a fabricated reality portrayed through some form of social or political media. For some these are one in the same, it’s called propaganda.
I’m not the genius in the room, but I’m not an idiot. Any simple person can see that these media outlets are intentionally dividing us into categorical madness. We’ve disagreed throughout history, those of us who lived before social media understand that. The difference is when you have to put your hand in the persons hand you disagree with, or look into their eyes, even know their story you learn respect. The folks miles away from you on some profile they’ve created aren’t real.
We know these folks aren’t real even if we can’t accept we are playing a part. We know because we’re surrounded by folks who we see their social media and their real life in real time. We see the fabrication, exaggeration, and understand that the difference is what they hope for and what they are. We excuse this misrepresentation out of respect and hopes that the vicarious experiences will lift them up to their dreams, even when we know different.
My point is not to point out hypocrisy or delusion. My point is those folks you see out there misrepresenting themselves are no different than the folks you see on social media that you don’t really know. The ones selling you plastic wisdom, flexible loyalty, or even worse utopian fantasies.
Don’t trade the reality that surrounds you for some imaginary possibility of grandeur. Don’t trade a hug for a “like”. Take the handshake over the “comment”. Chose the kind word over the “share”. Chose reality over fantasy.

We’re fighting a battle that isn’t understood. Your family and your friendships are under attack. No longer do disagreements facilitate conversation. It’s more common to explode and go back to the computer or phone and get instant justification for ignorance by logging into a fantasy world.

There are folks who say that they only use social media to communicate with family and friends who live at a distance too far to travel. I hope so. That’s not social media’s intent. They want to control everything from your seasonal decorations to your “friend list”. Use social media how you will, just understand that it is intended to guide your thinking.

With the political cycle headed into the home stretch be weary. Understand that the messages you receive are intended. Understand that what you see is designed to have you understand things from someone else’s perception. Most of all, understand the people around you that talk too loud, smell funny, and are way too obnoxious are real. The ones you see on your newsfeed are not, they are the zookeepers that help feed the pariahs.