Colored folks in a box.

Came across a video on a social media site yesterday where what appeared to be an African American child was commenting on a line of dolls carried by a popular chain department store. Her problem was the African American doll didn’t have any accessories in the box as the other ethnic dolls had.
While this was surely an oversight and insensitivity by the manager of that department, it did not necessarily reflect on the store or the company that produced the dolls, which was the intent of her video. She was creating a situation where race was the issue.
What bothered me was that the child’s parent, (or whomever was videotaping) did not think to address their concerns to the person from that department. Through a few key strokes I found the mission statement from the company that promoted the dolls and it was specifically designed to promote harmony amongst races. There were accessories available and all the dolls came in deluxe and regular packaging. The manager of the department of that particular store failed to consider what ordering that particular doll might say to someone of another ethnic group.
My real concern is the distorted legacy we have from the civil rights era is still being passed down through generations. Although many great changes came about through many valiant efforts during this time, it failed to unite us culturally and certainly wasn’t a rubric for all ethnic groups to unite under. There are motivations behind this approach that have nothing to do with uniting people and the cultural legacy is being passed around in a manner that reminds me of school children running around a school yard attempting to keep balloons afloat. Let’s put that civil rights era mentality in a box, ship it to the appropriate museum, and get on with enjoying the people around us and all their diversity!


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