I’m a Christian. I believe that God sent His Son to atone for our sins so that we may have a light out of the darkness. I do however have a problem with the Christian philosophy that scripture heals addiction. Faith is an important component to our health, God made us that way. But we would not tell a diabetic to stop taking insulin and read a particular scripture. Addiction is a real disease and every time a Christian insinuates that faith is the answer, or all drugs are made by satan; what their really saying is they don’t believe addiction is a disease. It’s a character flaw. This does nothing for the addict. It sends the message that the addict is inferior, or that the addiction is punishment for being a bad person. This adds fuel to a fire that’s already out of control. It either gives the addict an excuse or emotionally destroys them. We are told in the Great Commandment to live as Jesus did. Love is the answer with much patience and longsuffering, but we don’t give up our humanity and we speak with honesty in His honor.
There are many Christians out there doing wonderful things in Programs like Celebrate Recovery. But if your helping an addict with issues like drugs, food, sex, or co dependence etc…. The Christian thing to do is understand the problem to the point your not using someone else’s pain as an experiment with your faith. Everyone will experience failure every time with this approach. Educate yourself and pray about it. Amen!!!!!


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