The Teacher

The Teacher
She sits in the waiting room patiently while little Johnny climbs on the chair, drops the magazine, and drives her crazy. She wonders how Mom can just sit there!
Mom sits patiently reading her magazine while intermittently texting her friend about the latest news in the hood. Sporadically mom glares at Little Johnny, with an occasional threatening word about “when we get out of here…..”.
Ms. Teacher thinks of her classroom management techniques and how if Mom just redirects Little Johnny and questions him about the contents of the magazine he dropped the world would be in harmony again.
“Is that your magazine you dropped?”
She asks little Johnny thinking she’ll pass on some of her knowledge latently.
Little Johnny answers a little suspiciously, sensing “this lady” might be somebody or know something.
“What is your name?”
The teacher asks thinking she has Little Johnnies attention.
“Stop bothering that woman, and sit down and read your magazine. What’d I tell you bout talkin to strangers.”
The mother warns. She’s annoyed Little Johnny caught the woman’s attention and distracted her from reading and texting.
“It’s ok.”
Ms. Teacher explains.
“I’m a school teacher and I understand children. He just needs a little direction.”
Ms. Teacher explains.
Mom texts her friend that she’ll text her back, she has a lesson to teach!
“I’m sorry Ma’am, I didn’t catch your name. You said something about being a teacher, but didn’t say what your name was. Furthermore, my boy don’t need direction, he needs correction. ”
Mom tells Ms Teacher.
“Well, I just thought I could help, seeing that your son was having trouble sitting still and was beginning to misbehave.”
Ms teacher stated with an air of authority.
“I see.”
Mom said with a hint of sarcasm. “So my boy is supposed to sit still and not move. And if he drops his magazine and climbs in his chair to get my attention, that’s misbehaving?”
Mom asks in a matter of fact tone.
“Well in my class students sit still and if they drop their books or move around at their desk they interrupt other students. So I usually redirect them by talking to them and moving close to them to get their attention.” Ms. Teacher stated proudly.
“Well that’s wonderful!”
Mom states curiously.
“But did you ever wonder where those kids learned to listen to you, or did you think you taught them to listen. And I don’t need to get close to Little Johnny or talk to get his attention. Cause I got one look where he knows I’m gonna whip his ass if he acts up. He also knows if his teacher sends a note home, it’s gonna get ugly in our house real quick, and I’m the nice one. His Daddy can breathe fear into that boy Ma’am, it seems to me you could use a lesson in manners yourself. My boy been sittin here 45 minutes puttin up with this obnoxious music and stares from you that have enough judgement in them to run a courtroom. Yet he stays right here next to his momma and does just about what I allow him, that’s pretty good for six!
Mom says proudly.
“This ain’t no classroom and you need to remember I taught this boy to go to school and behave, just like I’m sure the parents of your students taught their children to do. So before you start correcting my boy, remember, I ain’t gonna tell you how to be a teacher and you ain’t gonna tell me how to be a mom. And if my boy moves around too much or does something to annoy you. Just remember that when he’s with me he’s a boy and when he’s at school he’s a student. And those are two very different animals. Come on Little Johnny, tell the nice lady thank you and goodbye we have to get to karate class! ”
“By Ms. Lady!”
Little Johnny says as he smiles and walks away proudly holding his Momma’s hand.
“You sure taught her a lesson Momma!”
Johnny says as his Momma smiles. “Never to smart to learn boy!
Momma says as she buckles Little Johnny’s car seat and kisses him on the forehead!


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