The Doctor and the Dealers

The doctor and the dealers spread a silent epidemic fueling the capitalist dream on the backs of the innocent, the unaware. No one is out of their reach.

Wether your hanging out in an office listening to classical music surrounded by neatly dressed professionals, or standing on a street corner listening to the latest track surrounded by short dresses and saggy pants; you’re in danger.

All of these characters deal death and destruction. This epidemic we call addiction is perpetrated on two fronts. Pain clinics and struggling medical groups have no incentive to send you away with advice, that’s economic suicide.

The dealer leaves no stone unturned. He knows you. He knows that the doctor will only supply you to his medical limit, so he waits. He knows your friend will come see him for you till the need overcomes the embarrassment, but he won’t judge you. He has lots of options.

And all the while the “Good Neighbor Pharmacist” is making money hand over fist as shit flies out windows and doors at an alarming rate. Not everyone needs a number and a seat to wait on their script to be rung up and handed over the counter. There are “delivery drivers”, assistants with financial needs, and other licensed pharmacist to lend their license when the “Good Neighbor” turns suspicious.

If your into the whole “Professional American” culture thing you’re probably thinking I’m just some silly activist type, which I’m not. It’s so clearly obvious that any idiot with an internet connection can look up the statistics on prescription drugs and overdose, but it’s easier to blame the addict. Those pills came from a pharmacy in your neighborhood, the addict isn’t the problem.

The doctor created the market that the pharmacist supplies, or the pharmacist decides to freelance and sell individual pills, or refill prescriptions before the date. They can raise prices on drugs they know are in demand. Look around you and I’m sure there’s a “Pain Management Clinic” near you. You can go there and report a particular pain level, (1-10) and come out with a prescription, the pharmacist knows what’s up. There are lists out there of doctors under investigation for the number of scripts they write. It’s obvious to the pharmacist that the prescription process is being abused by the doctor and the patient, but here we are again at the economic suicide point.

Don’t think these guys are any less resourceful than the dealer on the street who gets popped or pressured and moves to a new neighborhood. They aren’t any less resourceful when it comes to maintaining their economic status. If you’re a Doctor who has lost his license you can open a clinic, hire new Doctors to run it, and make more money than you did before. If your the pharmacist with a suspended license you can hire another pharmacist and use his license to continue doing business. Then just raise the price of OxyContin, Oxycodone, and Vicodin to offset the cost of another pharmacist. I don’t know this from professional research; I know this from the street dealer who doesn’t worry about his supply drying up when the Doctor of the people he pays to get prescription gets popped.

There is really no separation between the Doctors, Pharmacists, and the street dealer. They all are guilty, but only one goes to prison. It’s ok though, cause the folks doing the drugs and the guy handing him a bag of Xanax know it’s the cost of doing business. And like the Doctors and Pharmacists, they think it’s worth the risk. They don’t care about people, they focus on profit.

They don’t go to the funerals of their patents and hug the devastated families of the addicts they supply. They go to the bank and drive right past the widow to make a deposit or withdraw and head to the Caribbean for a much deserved vacation while someone you know mourns a loss!


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