Borders & Dollars

Borders and dollars

I recently read some posts on Social media about a National Guard soldier being posted along the border as part of what appeared to be a 1000 man task force to obviously supplement the Border Patrol in their efforts to “Secure” the border. I was extremely disappointed at some of the views espoused in the comments by folks who obviously live near the border; I just assumed that the folks living in and and around these issues saw the hypocrisy of the policies of the government with respect to borders, immigration, “illegals” etc…..

I always sort of admired those folks who were brave enough to cross an international border with no real idea of what awaits them in a country that has to seem like some quasi Disney land/outer limits place where the media controls the government for a shared profit in the capitalist ventures of a few very wealthy men who hide behind mahogany doors and glass ceilings. Sorry, very long sentence, but it’s admirable that someone would travel to such confusion to make a better life for their family. And most come here to “make a better life”, not deal drugs to spoiled little poseurs in fast cars and polo shirts.

We would be proud that folks would go through this trouble to make a life in this country if the spoiled little poseur in all of us wasn’t intimidated to some degree. Many of these folks come here and do exactly what we espouse as a nation while most of us sit back and wait on the “Real American Dream”. A check from some hidden entity for years of hard work or years of dysfunction. Look around at the number of businesses opened and run by immigrants in the construction and service industry. This is what we say we value as a nation. Hard work and success.

The war on the border is over a dollar, not residency or status. The government knows that there are a lot of dollars flowing back and forth across the border in what would otherwise be legal enterprise except for that imaginary “line in the sand” we’ve drawn from Texas to California. Those folks making a dollar, or peso, selling goods and services in respectable enterprises are admirable folks. They don’t care about a Mexican government or an American government, their gonna get theirs. I admire that. People will always be here, that border will crumble one day!

Those greedy conservative assholes kidnapped a few folks from all parties and espouse the “Drug War” as justification for putting up fences and dressing up police like soldiers with donut bellies and pink hands. Fuck them, those assholes are just some militaristic pawns in a make believe war that hides the fact that the real drug problem in America is right on the corner in your local pharmacy.

The problem ain’t some “mule” moving bales of plants across the border for some fake Rastafarian wannabe, it’s the pharmacist who is the 21st century “mule” dressed in khakis and a polo eating in some socially acceptable restaurant that denotes he is part of “the class” that lives off the pain and loss of other folks dysfunction. We can’t blame him though, he is “one of us”. He helps the upper middle class population deal with all the lies they live in order to remain “one of them”.

The problem ain’t some truck full of cocaine cruising across the myriad of checkpoints that employ the up and coming. Those drugs are a little more expensive and you got to have a few dollars to enjoy that. The problem is some entrepreneurial misfit who goes to the local “Box Chain” hardware store and buys five gallons of water seal to freeze for a couple days then curs the liquid off the bottom and sells it to folks not rich enough to afford the cocaine coming soon to a trap near you. Or the hundreds of thousands of youth who enjoyed science in High School who are riding around shaking ephedrine in a bottle to send them off on a seven day tangent that ends up in the local jail vomiting and shaking for three days.

The way I see it is our problems are homegrown. They have little to do with an imaginary border created by some powerful capitalists who need to control every penny that comes within a two thousand mile radius of their enterprise. Culture will always prevail though, and that’s what those folks crossing those border teach us. Hell, the popular American pass time for those upper middle class woman feeling unwanted and unattractive is to go get Margaritas and Tacos at the Mexican restaurant where young Mexican dudes with cool accents wait on them hand and foot.

So keep coming Amigos!!! Keep showing us how hypocritical we are as a nation and how we will sell our policies and values if the price is right. Me encanta la gente, la comida y la música desde el otro lado de la frontera. También me encanta toda la cultura que pueden moverse y llevar a sus hijos y sus valores, junto con ellos y no sacrificar sus sueños para unas pocas personas codiciosas que tratan de obtener dólares de todo el mundo.

Celebration and respect amongst people is what makes this world go around. Borders and dollars just form opinions based on greed and control. I’ll stick to relationships and leave the government and greed for those folks who buy into any dream that fills their pockets.


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