Dreams are therapeutic for the careful observer. Although they come as unsuspected occurrences In shades of light and dark; remember that behind every shadow there’s a light.

Dreams are the minds sweat
Working alone to never forget

I toss and turn to the twisted scenes
Wrapped in sheets of silent screams

My eyes flutter at shadows of me
Unable to envision the fear I see

I tremble at the silent voices within
Unable to awaken to life again

It’s the night that calls my fears
And shakes my soul free of tears

My eyes can’t see what my brain can feel
It’s peace and quite my nightmares steal

So awaken I call from deep inside
Where reality and sanity always collide

Then the day dawns thick and electrified
While silently I lay awaiting my demise.

Moments are still, eerily sublime
You can’t capture minutes without wasting time.

So now I’m awake confused and exhausted
Sweating my fears and counting my losses

A day must go on, no cares for my fears
Starting my mourning nourished by tears.


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