Beautiful Moments

Beautiful moments,
I held you last night as we swayed to the rhythm of an impossibility. I felt your breathes whisper across my hopes like an evening breeze. I was happy with our moment in the moonlight with the sound of nature and the music, dancing us along. Your special and I hope that feeling will carry through the many years you have ahead. I hope you could feel my hopes and dreams for your future; and that guides you towards love like an unseen breeze.
My tears need to be your rain, nourishing you along through life’s challenges like a beacon to home, within your soul. Cause when you look back you’ll feel me swaying with you in my arms and you’ll hear my hopes whispered in the love I have for you. My luck runs silent now so sometimes it’s hard to hear; but each moment I steal with you are the bridges to a happy tomorrow. I’m the luckiest man in the world to have came across your path in life.
I hope one day, when your older, and life gets lonely you’ll be able to read this and smile. I hope our moments together become the armor that protect your heart, not from hurt, never be afraid to put yourself out there; that’s how this letter began. But protect you from heart failure, where you can’t feel the world anymore. You may never read this, but don’t worry guys, cause I put enough love into you that when you do understand us, you’ll smile and try to find love everywhere you go; and that’s my hope for you! I love you!
Love always


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