Ok. So let’s shake off the structures that define us and the expectations of the society we move around in. Taking it a step further we can set aside the culture that colors our perception and the institutional beliefs and goals that weigh us down as humans.
Ok , so we’re just two people now interacting as humans without any pre conceived notions, right.
I know this is scary for many folks. Not being the teacher, the nurse, or the parent leaves some folks without an identity. Much of our life is defined by what we do professionally.
Two people interacting as just humans involves emotions and honesty, two very taboo concepts when folks are just “Chewing the Fat”.I’m a person, and I like people. I enjoy the complex interaction of family. I look forward to the friendships I have that mutually support my friends and I through celebrations and tragedies. I live life for the interpersonal relationships I am blessed to be part of.
I don’t like going to the dentist or the doctor, and I certainly don’t want to sit around the fire talking to one about dentistry or surgical techniques.
I didn’t like school enough to sit around on the porch and talk about students and learning strategies, but I will talk about kids and the crazy ideas and actions they come up with.
It takes an effort and awareness beyond logic to remind myself I’m human, I’m a person, and the structures I move around in physically aren’t conducive to maintaining my sanity. I have to really listen, truly look at my surrounding environment with all my senses to not get caught up in the expectations of structure.
This is not the land of the free, it the land of the sub consciously oppressed.
Emerson once wrote about industrialization fragmenting man. He used the metaphor of the power of the fist being weakened by each digit being given a different function thus weakling the whole hand. Well we’re being fragmented into parts and pieces that can’t be put together and our national psyche, if there is such thing, is twisted like the metal remains of a terror attack.
So I’m hiding, I do not want to sacrifice my sanity or buy into a “system” just to support an idea based on dreams; where I am is real. My emotions, my fears, my hopes; there all real! I refuse to hand them over to some group of individuals who want me to spend my life’s energy dreaming of being like them, “Hell, no!”
There are situations and circumstances where I have to put on my societal suit with all it’s accouterments. It’s very uncomfortable and I feel foolish wearing it. When I walk through my door at home you can bet I take that suit off. I shake off the dysfunctions as if I just came in from a snow storm covered in white flakes melting at my feet. Free and warm, that’s my happy!!!


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