Chasin My Tale!

I can’t write anything, that’s not focused enough to be coherent. I have to write something, but my brain is stuck on nothing. So here I sit letting my fingers type towards something I can’t see or understand. Just my mind walking through briers.

It is hard to come up with a metaphor for something that is nothing. Maybe space, the cosmos, or atmospheres would suffice. Either way it’s just nothing. Now I wonder If I can write a complete essay on nothing interesting enough to maintain the train of thought.
It’s not difficult t babble. Folks on TV or the bored neighbor do it all the time. I just listen numbly thinking, or not thinking, about anything but what I’m hearing. Most folks call that “zoning out”!
So maybe something that’s nothing can be anything I want. Can you really have an imagination that leads to nothing. I guess I can since your still reading waiting for something.
Ok, the lesson is that if you think too much you can end up doing the intellectual version if a dog chasing its tail. In the end it’s ok, I still exercised my brain and occupied some time doing something besides nothing and any things still possible to fit in this rubric.
The beginning!!!


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