Its real hard to keep things straight nowadays. You can’t be half awake and step out your front door off your game. There are messages fighting for your attention and dollars as soon as you turn the radio on to drive to work, and catchy billboards that really put a dent in your texting and driving deal. By the time you get to Friday, (payday), the repeated hammering of messages has you reviewing lists of things to buy and do that can only be fulfilled by joining the plastic nation.

The funny thing is, you know your being hustled, you know the claims are half truths, and the photos are airbrushed with phrases designed to “sell” you on whatever’s being offered; but we always end up bragging about the “deal” we got. Like when your wife comes home with another outfit she won’t wear and she’s convincing you she saved money.

The other day I heard an ad on radio for some real estate folks. Their advertising was about selling your home at the best price and letting you out of the contract if you weren’t satisfied. They promised to sell your house at the best market price for your market area.

I started wondering what this realtor told the guy buying the house. I’m sure its something along the line of we’ll get you the best market price for the home you want in your market area.

We accept these half truth, or lies, as the cost of doing business. We accept many half truths and lies due to the cost of keeping this dream alive, but don’t verbalized that, cause if many of these folks had to wake up to the true cost of “the dream” they would have to realize they live a compromised life of self imposed illusions.

If you think this paradigm doesn’t color all facets of our lives you should probably wake up; but if you let your sub conscious loose things would have to change, and that’s way to far into the comfort zone.

For some it might mean changing your family structure and leave a spouse to chase incomplete dreams, but there’s the kids, the house, the friends, and the wide open space on the other side of that choice is empty, filled with possibility and fear. The fact that its empty and full at the same time confuses you to a paralyzed state where at least you’re home.

For others it may be a job, or even worse a career. We spend all of our childhood, teenage time, and years as a young adult in school learning to be a citizen and an employee. Sounds creepy when you think that over time we’ve extended the school ‘experience to where we have 3 years of pre school, 5 years elementary, 3 years middle school, 4 years of high school, and 4 years of college. That’s 19 years, and then we hear the government mantra over and over, we need an “educated workforce”. If you think there’s no connection here you need to use that education to think a little!

There are many facets of our life where this corporate mentality oozes into our life. From our belief system we know is skewed by dollars and greed and promoted for the first 19 years of education. That experience takes years to retrain. To see through the Stars and Stripes to the purple mountains majesty where freedom rings is a long road. It’s like when you put on an extra 30 pounds over 6 months and you spend the next 2 years trying to return to what you think is normal, imagine reversing 19 years of weight out on your shoulders!!!!


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