Within Us

You’re a beautiful story living to be told. Silence quietly wisps the injustice of your struggle tightening the noose of loneliness. Your screams echo off the walls of your heart traveling no further than your pulse, no one hears the pain. So you walk in silence towards the dawn of a new day that marks time as a faded memory, a clouded sunrise of hope where pain can only sift through the grey lining like wet sun beams streaking your cheeks.

All of your chapters have yet to been written and the world may not hold enough beauty to write an ending for you. I long to hear your pain and feel your thoughts reverberating through my soul. I want to touch your spirit with my lips dripping words of light. This place I found you is a passing moment, it passed as we moved through the us in the sky burning through clouds and mist.

These scenes you’ve created are an artist dream of tomorrow. Love and pain swirling in the myst of lust and hate creating a storm of confusion and clarity that only the dedicated lover can feel. You never feared this space where love is so prominent the world stays distant and only our breath and pulse mark time. I followed you and found solitude in your desire, now I know fear. How can you take me to place that only you hold the key, then lock the door to bliss. This was our secret garden, and in the end it doesn’t exist without me dreaming.

Each chapter of our existence leaves me wanting to devour our future like a swimmer gasping for air. The intensity of our moments have no sense of time and minutes and days are just you and I, memories! The focus of our hopes are us and one more memorable second of desire. Your time is my clock wound around memories and dreams replacing minutes and hours with you and I. The interludes are for dreaming that one day we’ll drown together in us and the world will finally leave us alone.

But each paragraph of existence leaves us pulling at each other. Trying desperately not to fall to far from bliss. The thieves linger in the dark corners waiting for unaware moments to steal our desire and sell our souls to expectations and jealousy. Vigilance is the key; guarding what’s ours with all our hearts and minds because we are one. Never separated by time or space, never compromised by antiquated views of love and life.

One sentence says it all, I love you. Everything else is white noise scratching at the perimeter of love like static on an AM radio station. So we turn off the world for our greater good knowing that mankind is an oxymoron. Man is many thing but kind. Men sometimes find the space where love is genuine and the world doesn’t exist, but man is a creature with a jealous nature and desires what we have in us. The world will steal us and send us in separate worlds wondering, longing for what could be, what should be.

The final word is ours. What others see can not begin to create an understanding of us. I’ve built a wall around us, a wall of love protecting us from them. I’m within your spirit mingling hearts and desire towards an explosion of light. A prism where we fuse into a rainbow of color and heat sparkling for all to hope that at the end of the arc love blinds your mind to the madness all around.

Before the final word a thought was realized. A silent smile crept across my mind while my heart swelled with you. My pulse beats to the rhythm of us and all anyone can see is me, all they understand is their perception, they can’t be a part of us. I’ll guard us through the ages and the world can continue to turn, but you’re the only one who can make me dizzy.


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