Falling Short

Time does not heal wounds, it aggravates them with moments of doubt and fear. I feel the lonely hours between your touch like chains around my thoughts dragging noisily along deserted streets. Every minute of hope ticks away at my resolve like links intertwined with vines.

Something’s between me and bliss. Is it my expectations? Is it an illusion? After all you really can’t say one word, sing one song, or draw one picture of love. Sure I can demonstrate care and concern, but that’s part of love. So there you have it; I love you and can’t explain it.

I don’t want to explain it. I want to live it, feel it, breathe it every second of every day, but life gets in the way. I hate you can’t be my life, my breath. I’m at peace when we are one. Joined by our desire to hide within each other.

But now all I know is hope. Hope that “stuff” don’t get so built up between us that our heart beats become mute. Distanced to the point of only an echo of us is heard, but not quite audible. The sight of you can never be enough.

I know my garbled thoughts can be confusing. My fears are you. My dreams are you. My hopes and desires are you. I stumble often but never falter in my desire for us to be ours and ours only. Do forgive my attempt at eloquence and understand that “I love you” just seems to fall short of how I feel about us.

Love you. Fatt Daddy!!!


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