My dreams came true every breath I felt. My hopes shine within your smile, as my dreams bring you closer to my heart. My fears rise and fall within the rhythm of your pulse, but in the end I had to open the universe to you so you could dance amongst the stars and see that we made the world turn.
And now your my North Star, returning nightly to light my path to us. I am guided by the light you exude for me and the love that races through our horizon like lightening. My thoughts reflect off the surface of our life like the stars dancing along a calm lake on a moonlit night.

I imagine, I dream, I hope tomorrow is a myth. I imagine life on the cusp of desire where possibilities make now forever. Suspended within us, we could be a universe, and life would revolve around our passion. The elements would rise and fall with the emotional wind we create, and love would swelter on the calm breezes of our summer nights. I imagine Paradise isn’t a place, it’s us as the storm.

I dream days and nights, awake or asleep, of us. My dreams are a continuation of my days and nights wrapped in your arms and legs creating our world. Passion is my light and my darkness is buried in your breast thriving on your heartbeat next to mine. Seconds, minutes, and hours melt into the peaceful rhythm of your breath. So now I never have to awaken. My life is a dream with you.

I hope our world sits in the universe as a light for others that can see, but cannot reach us. I hope that we can spin through the universe and our sweat becomes the stardust illuminating the sky with a glittering myst. I hope you feel the elements when we touch. Hope is our sun sitting out in the distance warming our wishes with a constant reminder that we are hope in human form.

I imagine my life with you is a dream come true and hope you feel the light as intense as I do. My world sits on the edge of us spinning in circles creating space for two. You’re the light in my universe and darkness is only a part of who we are, through a day we shine no matter. These are the elements of us that bliss seeks an identity through, and everything else can only be between us.


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