You can say what you want about Christianity, believe what you want about faith, or deny any morality that conflicts with your desires; but in today’s America, you better follow the premise of steering clear of temptation.

In “the old days”, not biblical old, but era old. Like up till around the mid 70’s you could escape the old “guilt by association” trap. Your friend picks you up to take you to work and he has a roach in the ashtray and you get pulled over for a brake light out, he claims the roach and gets a lecture while you stare out the window, or he goes to jail for a misdemeanor and you drive his car home. Not today.

Today your both violently extracted from the car and thrown to the ground face down like someone off “America’s Most Wanted”. Then you lay there like you are a hardened criminal until dogs come to sniff every inch of you and the vehicle.

Finally your both told your under arrest for community possession and your car is hauled away simultaneously with you’re headed to the tank. So before you get a lawyer you’re already $150.00 in the hole for a .50c roach.

I ain’t no “smoker” and the “roach” example ain’t the end to the chances your life can go south. You may be the guy who stops at your buddies house on the way home from work on Friday to pick up a tool to finish building your boys playhouse. Your friend got off at noon, so he’s already barbecuing and 4 beers into a six pack.

There’s 2 left so he offers you one. You drink the beer and “shoot the breeze” for a half hour then drive the two miles up the road to your house.

On the way the drill you borrowed falls to the floor and you reach down to get it from the floorboard and swerve a bit. Police see the truck swerve and pull you over. There’s a slight hint of beer on your breath.

Although your talking and acting normal, your probably gonna get out of the car and blow into a tube. If your lucky you won’t be cuffed and sat on the side of the road or the back of the car while the officer calls in your license, insurance, and registration, all the while checking you out for priors.

If all that ends well you may get the benefit of the doubt; or you’re most likely gonna get some level of driving impaired citation. If you’re really lucky you won’t have to go downtown while your car goes uptown to the impound yard. That $1.00 beer could cost you thousands if it goes south for you.

I ain’t done yet, I got lots of examples of how you ain’t free in America to make a mistake. You may get a call at work from your wife telling you she’s been placed in jail for community possession of a controlled substance.

Considering you thought she was at your child’s school making “ginger bread” houses for the last day of school before “Christmas Break”; you find yourself in a surreal moment where your life is turned upside down.

After bailing your beloved out you find out she gave one of the classroom moms a ride home. On the way home your beloved was pushing the limits of the old 10 miles per hour over the limit” myth. When the police pulled her over he asked for ID from both moms.

Well mom who needed a ride dropped her prescription on the floor while going through her purse. Unfortunately she was one of those moms who carries a couple different medications in one bottle. When the police ask to see the bottle and the pills all hell breaks loose.

After pulling the two moms out of the car, they pull to two little beauties out of their car seats and now their under police care. The car gets searched after the dogs are brought out. A couple of her Vicodin fell under the seat and unfortunately the label on the bottle is for Xanax.

Now I ain’t making no judgements, I’m the type who doesn’t want to get into other folks business. Sometimes “skirting” the edge of morality can get you wrapped up real tight.

Some folks like to look at pornography on their computers. I ain’t judging folks who like that sort of thing , but if that’s you , you’re putting yourself in great danger , remember the temptation trap.

Say you are sitting around your house minding your own business and a friend sends you some pornography, or a link to his favorite site. The ad page shows woman in selected poses scantily dressed. It’s Friday, so why not?

You go on to fill the empty moments of your weekend in your study perusing the photos. You send a message back to your buddy thanking him for the porn and Monday morning ya’all laugh and joke about your favorite photos and critique the less desirable shots.

Friday comes around again and you anxiously await 5:00pm and the freedom to see what’s in the mail on the computer. Then you notice two guys walking towards your cubicle looking real stern. Sweat breaks out on your neck as they escort you to the break room.

So now, while your taking an unscheduled break with your two new friends; your hard drive from your work computer is being removed under the watchful eye of your boss and your nosy co workers.

This is just the beginning of your embarrassment, cause you’re fixin to be marched out of your workplace with some new bracelets. Then you’ll be famous because your photo, address, vehicle tag, age, etc…, will be public information.

It doesn’t matter that you didn’t know that scattered within those photos you were enjoying were 12 year old European girls forced into the “sex trade”. It doesn’t matter that someone put a lot of effort into making the older woman look younger and the younger girls look older. It matters you had child pornography on your computers.

Now your gonna plea bargain to get less time because you are technically guilty, but you didn’t know. You’ll get some leniency. However, your gonna do a few years incarcerated, your also gonna do many years on probation or parole followed by annual visits to the Sheriffs office to update your photo. You won’t have a career, and your family may not survive. The good news is you’ll find out who your friends were.

These are all situations that are true. They happened to folks I’ve came into contact with over the last 10 years. I’m not judging anyone who does anything in the examples aforementioned. These were folks who obeyed the law, but inadvertently put themselves in precarious situations. They all experienced drastic lifestyle changes due to their indiscretion.

The bible tells us to stay away from temptation. Moses, David, and Jesus’s warming in Mathew 4:7 about testing God are a few of the examples used to warn us about the company we keep and the life we live.

The stakes for us might not be as high as our Biblical Fathers. Ill leave it to you to decide if our contemporary consequences are worth the risk. Persecution comes in many forms.

I don’t think we need to run out and dawn robes or join a movement. It’s probably best just evaluate our surroundings and do an honest assessment of the risks posed by our acquaintances and habits. One thing for sure; there will be no understanding or forgiveness once you cross the legal line of behavior wether you’re a good person or not.

You will be persecuted for your indiscretions to some extent of the law. The days of the local officer sending you home for having an opened beer can in the truck are gone. Ignorance is not a defense that will be taken seriously. Policing is part of the “justice industry” and every level has to produce so it can stay alive at its current enormity.

Don’t make the mistake of “risky behavior”, move on to something more constructive than a lonely life of humiliation and regret. Freedom has caveats in America nowadays. Whether you think forced morality is a good thing or not, it’s a legal reality in America today so stay on the right side of the gray line, and remember if your not careful you’ll be regretful. Do the right thing for the right reasons and you may be ok!!!


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