I reject your ideas as normal
The likes of me
And everything formal

I reject your values as sacred
Founded on greed
And dollars being created

I reject your morals as standard
Shaking hands with kings
While kicking the bastard

I reject your humanity as peace
Celebrating the victory
And the warriors you fleece

I reject your message of hope
Laced with profit and tears
Keeping society in your scope

I reject your lies as convention
Using plastic words
And cellophane intentions

I reject your leaders as loyal
To anything but each other
And a title that’s royal

I reject this institution
Because the land I stand on
Is my sovereign nation

So take your flags and clones
Back to your marble mansions
And leave the free to roam

We reject your dreams as humane
For anyone outside your circle
Of jerks justifying the insane

We are no longer yours to exploit
Our minds are wandering
To places you’ll never be welcome.


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