The way, the truth, and the light

God smiles down on me as a prism. I walk this earth searching for the way, the truth, and the light to shine through my soul; it’s others whose glow I bask, I see myself for what I am.

No one has truly been lost in His sight. Our conscious is our guide, and our God, reminding us that choice is the fork in the way. We are always where we are, and that’s where life begins.

Satan is a thought hidden in the shade of deceit. The light illuminates the preposterous nature of his innuendos; real men speak their mind openly, false prophets use the shades of the day to move shadows around truth.

So here I stand with my heart and mind wide open, arms outstretched, eyes heavenward. The suns rays shooting down through the clouds pinning my spirit to the earth. Shards of colors refract through my body outward for no one to see but Him.

It’s the light that burns the morning mist to dust and puts a day to sleep. It’s the cold glow of moonbeams creeping into shadowed corners that remind us He is there in our darkest hour; He never hides.

Truth stands stolid in the face of deceit. Like a timeless statue carved in steel; not even rust can steal the truth. The sands of time have eroded the earth for millenniums, but the core keeps truth within its depths for all to know.

The way meanders as an ephemeral path towards heaven. There are no cardinal directions or marked paths, only you in the moment with free will and choice. He gave us a world where seasons remind us the way within our hearts can be beautiful, and the storms can have purpose, if we only listen, look, and feel the winds of change.


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