White lies

It creeps along your conscious
Carrying memories and nightmares
Only another traveler can dream

Love is a blanket for cold moments
And lust becomes a distraction
From the desire to dream again

You see, love is the greatest
But not the strongest,
Desire is blind consumption

They say love conquers all,
Bullshit! Love conquers loneliness
While desire conquers weakness

Riding shotgun to desire is quiet
You don’t have a say as the miles go
And your definition of sanity fades

Your soul becomes a bargaining chip
Along with everything you have
And what you believe becomes lucid

So now you travel in a mask
Invisible to everyone who knew you
And you scream it’s me into the wind

It’s never enough, nothing is enough
you can’t fill an empty space
with white lies and false promises

When you’re gone I’ll love stronger
In search of the gem within the dark
That eluded me looking for you,

Because you lived in my dreams
Loved in my hopes
And we died in my fears.


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