Dust and Me

Each Time you step on my heart dust clouds at my feet. I stare at the particles of my life swirling in the sunlight with a blank stare. No thoughts or hopes to begin again, just dirt as a backdrop.
The whole world is outside of me and I stand still and alone within myself. It’s safe here amongst the memories and dirt. This must be how flowers get their beauty. They have no intention to bargain with, just the freedom of the breeze.

Inside my shell I’m the seed of contentment growing within, protected from the elements, protected from you. I see you staring at my self, but you can’t have me. I’ve germinated with all the shit you’ve put me through. Now I can sprout leaves and absorb the light of others.

Dust has no roots! I wave in the spring breeze as piece by particle the wind blows you further away till the tears finally wash away your remnants. I love the space I occupy now, it clean and free of debris, and you.

All those dead branches and leaves lie in the summer sun now, brittle and frail awaiting decay. I have no time for regret or remorse. They hung over my head for so long choking the light from my wavering thoughts. Now I’m above the fray absorbing the light of brighter days from a view where I see what you were.

I am me and no one else can claim the Beauty I possess or stand between me and the light. My insides tingle with possibility and another layer of me has covered up the old scars from darker days and winter storms. So maybe through the dust and debris I was always me after all!!!


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