Get Your Freedom On!!!

“Color inside the lines!” Our first real experience with conformity. We claim to live in the “Land of the Free”, how true is that? Do we consciously understand how conformed our day is? Does it take a conformed commitment to have a freedom that exists as an ideal, but not a reality.

As I look around I see a society of folks that are wrapped pretty tight, to the point if you were to drive outside a line on the highway you’d be hearing a lot of angry horns blaring!

I thought today that maybe there is this “Jedi Warrior” prodigy out there somewhere who shows up in Pre-School and colors the outside of his worksheet beautifully leaving the figure to stand there stark and white.
Then the teachers would all nod to each other and the child would be whisked off to a secret location where we could preserve his creativity as an example of the ideal of freedom.

We do many things during our day where we sub consciously conform; many of these things we do seem necessary for safety and order, but what is the latent effect on our psychology ?

Say for instance you take your children to school everyday. You start by adhering to a wake up call followed by a proper clothes selection. Then you drive in lines with interruption of lights and signs you’re conditioned to follow. You sub consciously “stay between the lines” without even acknowledging that you’re doing it. If you decide to stop and pick up breakfast you get in line again and play your part.

I’m not saying this is bad, it’s necessary for safety on the road and order within the fast food joint. Although, the reality is you just sub consciously spent the first two hours of your day conforming to norms and prompts you don’t even acknowledge anymore.

It doesn’t seem to take a conformed commitment to maintain this “Freedom” we espouse, cause the condition are set. It would take a commitment to shake off all these conditioned responses. We do have the freedom to not conform, but the consequences of poverty or loss of freedom, ( incarceration) keep us in line.

At the end of the day when you count your blessings, take a few minutes to evaluate how much time you spent within the confines of lines, or adhering to a meal schedule. (Why do you need lunch, if your not hungry ?)Look at your clothes and wonder what it means that you feel comfortable psychologically in something that is physically constricting. How free is your day?

Ultimately we have the freedom to chose to “live between the lines” or “outside the box, that’s the “Freedom” we share as Americans. On the other side of that thought we find that we choose these blurred lines in order to maintain the attachments we’ve made and not Stir the “melting pot”.

So; at least now I can start chipping away everyday the moments I’m forced to be in the box. Trying to attain my balance is like walking a tight rope and the abyss is a pointless patriotic proposal. My advice to the little “Jedi Warriors” out there is to unravel this dilemma and enjoy the moments “outside the lines”, then smile and go get your freedom on!!!!


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