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Now I live with tattered remains
The softness of your touch replaced
with your pain

Echoes of your kiss linger on my soul
I close my eyes to a myst of hope
you stole.

You’re the voices living in my fears
White noise scratching just outside
my falling tears.

Who were we that now we’re not
You took forever and left my future
all for naught.

Now everything has become nothing
I’m hanging on question marks no longer walking.

I know if I let go ill land on my feet
But I’ve hung on your every breath
till defeat.

I had to fall and feel weightless again
To open my heart and reach out with
a new lens

In the end you were gone before me
And that time between was dark
and I couldn’t see.

Love never ends together, or at all
We just endure the awareness to
Dread the fall

Landing is like an explosion of light
Leaving the weight of us behind as the new me takes flight.



Time Meets Space, and I’m Lost!

I look to the future riding questions and fears on a twisted frame of thought; my wheels are burning. What, when, how and where with whom haunt my moments. They say I have no future on this path, but every second was a future at one point and that equals possibility and breath; everyone has a future.

Unfortunately most folks use their past as a backdrop or scrim for their hopes and fears. A set isn’t necessary and a script lacks spontaneity. Boldness stands on an empty stage under the heat of a spot light anticipating applause, not remembering the fall. The past is a lesson and that book should be closed before stepping out on stage.

The present is our most unstable era. Littered with not only our fears and memories, but our hopes and guilt. We wear those lenses so no one can see inside of who we are; then we’re lost! Grabbing at two sides of now ignoring the ground our feet are planted. It takes tremendous effort to live now. This melded state keeps us spinning in circles barely holding on to sanity.

Behind each of those three doors lies a life outside of me. I’m the space time occupies and my dreams never revolve around now. I want My fears to always look down in the light of my hope. It just seems I don’t have time to remember all these places or the necessary time to visit them. So I run from the space I’m trapped with blinding speed leaving life behind.

Go President Obama: Demilitarization of Policing is Long Overdue!!!

Garrison state, police state, occupation are a few terms we toss around when we think about why we don’t give the military authority over civilians. Today President Obama took a giant step away from that possibility.

President Obama put a stop to the sale of some military equipment to police and restricted other types of equipment. Tracked vehicles and high caliber weapons being a couple examples. Uniform restrictions were another example, and equally important.

The thought of soldiers raiding houses and policing our streets is unthinkable to most Americans, or is it? Take e second to look around at photos of arrests, raids, or security on the American streets and think about what you’re seeing. Compare the photos to similar photos from Crimea, or another country with unrest.

De-militarizing police forces is a must. The hype surrounding the need for bigger guns, vehicles, and more modern equipment had always been about increasing a budget and control. We have to really scrutinize anyone advocating a special force for a police unit, really look into their motivations.

Military equipment is designed to support the soldiers mission of closing with, engaging, and destroying the enemy with violence of action. Need I say more about de-militarizing police units!!!

This is a great first step. Now lets re-evaluate reporting and recording events and procedures. Take politics out of local policing and stop electing local law enforcement leaders. Review all policies within hiring and promoting and establish merit based promotions based on records, not personalities or relations. And do something about physical standards, it’s a disgrace and danger to everyone around having unfit officers serving and protecting.

There are no accurate data on police shootings nationally. and that puts officers and citizens in danger. We don’t know what race is being targeted, and I’ll bet ten to one its not a race issue, it’s a class issue. This misconception highlighted by the tradition of drama in the media has everyone confused and misinformed.

The leaders and the media aren’t out there everyday, citizens and police are out there, with weary eyes. Top down clean the house and professionalize law enforcement leadership, cops ain’t the real problem!!!

Anyway, good job President Obama!!!.

The Police Are Coming: the Paul Revere Version!!!

Man!!!! These shootings really got me going for a minute, and I’m still pissed. This last story about the Soldier in Texas has fueled the fire. That Sergeant held himself accountable and turned himself into an El Paso jail for a two day stay and came out in a casket. I’m pissed.

This rubric that law enforcement and other agency use to excuse their incompetence is transparent and pathetic, but we as citizens do nothing. We cower to the “authority” that we give them. We have to address the issues professionally, leaving out myths and emotions.

Every once in a while over my adult life there have been “shake ups” in government entities. Usually politically motivated, but a light was shined on antiquated procedures and policies that in modern times seemed ignorant and counter productive to the particular agencies goals, possibly where the term. “Oxymoron” originated. It’s that time for law enforcement.

I am not attacking officers, their only as good as their policies and procedure, and the folks who develop and supervise them. Yeah their are good and bad officers, good and bad precincts, and probably good and bad regions. I’m certain most officers patrolling or guarding are good folks.

Take a look at the region of the United States where the shootings occur and maybe that will reveal something. I’m not sure because law enforcement seems to have a problem with reporting their actions for research purposes. Which could be problem number one, reporting!

There are an abundance of “corporate universities” on line and on site that have capitalized on advanced degrees for middle income American professions. Nursing, education, and Law enforcement leading the economic drive. Problem seems, education and nursing also have a representative presence in research universities as well, law enforcement doesn’t. This may explain the lack of accountability and rigor with respect to data. If they kept accurate date like the other career fields many myths and accusations about “bad policing” could be rejected; like the latest drama played out in Baltimore.

Second, and equally important is politics and policing. Stop electing law enforcement leaders. Take the School Board in some jurisdictions for instance. The Superintendent is nominated by elected officials. Then the short list is developed. Then a vote of the committee determines which candidate out of the few left best fits based on their “qualifications”. Right now a popular person with no qualifications is serving as Sheriff in some county out there!!! Take politics out of policing!!!!

3rd , supervisory positions should be earned by merit. In the military they make a good effort to do this. An honest assessment of ones ability is done monthly or quarterly depending on the service and positions. At the higher levels a board determines your eligibility based “on your record”, not your personality, they don’t meet you. It’s not 100%, but nobodies son “gets the position” this way!!!

Standardization is important. Had we been taking policing seriously for years we would appreciate the value of documenting and debriefing. This leads to more effective approaches in all endeavors and highlights ineffective actions that deter from the mission. Too many gaudy mission statements hang on dusty plaques In police offices and jails around our nation.

Officers need to be out of their cars and guards need to use strategies that allow them to interact with their populations. The antiquated authoritarian approaches to the criminal element will not work, it creates confrontation. This approach hinges on respect and that went out the window around the time ADHD became an excuse or condition, I’m not sure which one ! This ain’t the seventies!!!

Physical standards!!! I don’t even have to mention this, it’s obvious, but I have to make this a paragraph. You cannot be morbidly obese and be an effective officer of the law. You will not be taken seriously, it reflects bad on the profession, and you put yourself and the perpetrator in harm due to your reduced capacity. Establish realistic physical standards and say goodbye to those that can’t meet and maintain those standards.

We’ve shook up the FBI, CIA, Secret Service and a host of other agencies due to the old saying, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. We need to overhaul and provide oversight for law enforcement in the United States. From the top down clean house.

Then we may be able to start fresh with sound approaches that are accountable based on data. Its would be much better for the officers and the citizens. Right now the incompetence of the leadership has the officers going out into an environment where the citizens believe they target certain populations. That’s inexcusable.

If we had data for 15 years on who had been killed, wounded, and beaten; which ethnicity they were and what region they were from, we could probably clear up these headlines. For all we know cops are beating Chinese folks in Alaska at an alarming rate!!!

We, citizens, are the only group that can protect our citizens and officers that serve and protect them. We need to professionalize the procedures and policies of the leadership in law enforcement. Accountability is a basic duty of any leader. Transparency dissolves doubt. Militarization creates enemies and goon squads bum rushing cells are just thugs with equipment. This is the 21st century, surely we can do better than this!

Common Sense

I see your intent
Wrapped in plastic words
And a message that’s bent

I hear your lies
Wrapped in cellophane garb
Creating a unique disguise

I feel your greed
Wrapped in dollar bills
And other folks needs

I smell your deceit
Wrapped in a moldy flag
Forcing others to retreat

I can’t touch your heart
Wrapped in thorns
Torn completely apart.

But I can sense your ways
Wrapped tightly in you
And everything you say

So here I sit on the fence
Wondering about you
And my common sense

Inanimate Objects

Inanimate objects

Your faith is evident by the seeds you plant. It lies within your spirit battling your mind with a patient smile knowing that home is where your heart beats. Mind over matter is just that.
Your true pride shows by the ground your feet trod. Favorite colors fade and stars hide behind the light of day contrasting the patriot and the common man. Life can’t grow on flags or feelings, soil is life.

Your service is tradition while folks live their lives in spite of you. You can’t have pride in serving people you don’t know, but your vicarious life has meaning to a system that swallows communities without tasting the citizens pain.

Alas, the scheme permeates families like an invisible myst as Dad goes to work leaving mom to clean up his mess. I see the rubric and the boxes you’ve strategically placed to keep “us” stored.

So now we inadvertently give life to inanimate objects for your toy box. Monuments and mouthpieces stand tall and loud hiding the earth they came from so you can cultivate an ideal, but I’m rooted in reality. Sewn in the soil of revolution. Tended by calloused hands stained with dirt.

I’m rooted in the belief that my faith was born on a cross, not in a building. My country was born in the soil that stained the souls and hands of people, not in a monument made of dust. My community was born in outstretched hands and hearts, not in civic centers or duties. My family was born in the love of my forefathers, our homes are just real estate.

So you can try to bring inanimate objects to life for your personal gain or financial windfall. Just remember not all of us are blinded by your emotions; and vigilance stands guard over people, not things.

One in a billion

Keep your mind open its too beautiful to close. There’s a paradise within your thoughts that kiss the universe with sweetness. The world will try to put up walls to your happiness, don’t withdraw towards the darkness, it’s cold out there.

I’ve traveled through those dark moments cold and lonely. I would close my eyes and the sun had no warmth, like lights in an office filled with fear. Blindly I stumbled forward towards any measure of warmth, but when I opened my eyes it was just dank and dark.

Those places aren’t real, the people are pale and withdrawn for fear of the light. Ignorance knows no bounds, but hides an army in shadowed corners. Don’t settle, boldly walk out into the light and absorb your inheritance with a glimmering smile, you are one of the billion!

I don’t want to be burnt by the light of thought, but illuminated by the source that forces billions of beams to intertwine towards warmth for every space it touches. Even the residue of my thoughts can reach dark places for others to crawl away.

My mind is open to you and us as a universe. My thoughts revolve around the light of hope, and my heart sends a pulse around the world seeking connections stronger than a summer breeze. The seasons of my life are universal.

My consciousness is an aurora undulating with every molecule of existence. I can’t separate my fears from your hopes, my dreams from your reality. Together they’ll find a way like the wind leaves a calm quiet day of possibilities.