Go President Obama: Demilitarization of Policing is Long Overdue!!!

Garrison state, police state, occupation are a few terms we toss around when we think about why we don’t give the military authority over civilians. Today President Obama took a giant step away from that possibility.

President Obama put a stop to the sale of some military equipment to police and restricted other types of equipment. Tracked vehicles and high caliber weapons being a couple examples. Uniform restrictions were another example, and equally important.

The thought of soldiers raiding houses and policing our streets is unthinkable to most Americans, or is it? Take e second to look around at photos of arrests, raids, or security on the American streets and think about what you’re seeing. Compare the photos to similar photos from Crimea, or another country with unrest.

De-militarizing police forces is a must. The hype surrounding the need for bigger guns, vehicles, and more modern equipment had always been about increasing a budget and control. We have to really scrutinize anyone advocating a special force for a police unit, really look into their motivations.

Military equipment is designed to support the soldiers mission of closing with, engaging, and destroying the enemy with violence of action. Need I say more about de-militarizing police units!!!

This is a great first step. Now lets re-evaluate reporting and recording events and procedures. Take politics out of local policing and stop electing local law enforcement leaders. Review all policies within hiring and promoting and establish merit based promotions based on records, not personalities or relations. And do something about physical standards, it’s a disgrace and danger to everyone around having unfit officers serving and protecting.

There are no accurate data on police shootings nationally. and that puts officers and citizens in danger. We don’t know what race is being targeted, and I’ll bet ten to one its not a race issue, it’s a class issue. This misconception highlighted by the tradition of drama in the media has everyone confused and misinformed.

The leaders and the media aren’t out there everyday, citizens and police are out there, with weary eyes. Top down clean the house and professionalize law enforcement leadership, cops ain’t the real problem!!!

Anyway, good job President Obama!!!.


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