Time Meets Space, and I’m Lost!

I look to the future riding questions and fears on a twisted frame of thought; my wheels are burning. What, when, how and where with whom haunt my moments. They say I have no future on this path, but every second was a future at one point and that equals possibility and breath; everyone has a future.

Unfortunately most folks use their past as a backdrop or scrim for their hopes and fears. A set isn’t necessary and a script lacks spontaneity. Boldness stands on an empty stage under the heat of a spot light anticipating applause, not remembering the fall. The past is a lesson and that book should be closed before stepping out on stage.

The present is our most unstable era. Littered with not only our fears and memories, but our hopes and guilt. We wear those lenses so no one can see inside of who we are; then we’re lost! Grabbing at two sides of now ignoring the ground our feet are planted. It takes tremendous effort to live now. This melded state keeps us spinning in circles barely holding on to sanity.

Behind each of those three doors lies a life outside of me. I’m the space time occupies and my dreams never revolve around now. I want My fears to always look down in the light of my hope. It just seems I don’t have time to remember all these places or the necessary time to visit them. So I run from the space I’m trapped with blinding speed leaving life behind.


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