Now I live with tattered remains
The softness of your touch replaced
with your pain

Echoes of your kiss linger on my soul
I close my eyes to a myst of hope
you stole.

You’re the voices living in my fears
White noise scratching just outside
my falling tears.

Who were we that now we’re not
You took forever and left my future
all for naught.

Now everything has become nothing
I’m hanging on question marks no longer walking.

I know if I let go ill land on my feet
But I’ve hung on your every breath
till defeat.

I had to fall and feel weightless again
To open my heart and reach out with
a new lens

In the end you were gone before me
And that time between was dark
and I couldn’t see.

Love never ends together, or at all
We just endure the awareness to
Dread the fall

Landing is like an explosion of light
Leaving the weight of us behind as the new me takes flight.



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