I’ve been collecting all of you like butterflies in the wind. Collecting your scent, your colors, and you movements; content to draw your antics on my soul.

Capturing your spirit is like drawing in smoke with my finger, each movement I make creates a new shape, familiar but fascinating.

As your moods undulate with the wind my pulse rises and thuds with amazement. Your lucid gaze never captures my adoring stare, you’re too busy being alive, but that’s the beauty of your continence.

I sit here bathed in your light following your every move. Amazed at how you have mastered the wind, how you’ve spread your wings at an angle to the sun that makes you shimmer, your hues cannot even be denied by moonbeams and myst.

A species like no other, a genus I’ve created within my heart using your breath. You flitter across my horizon taking my attention to soft places and sweet memories. Don’t let the storms deny you your place , because its within me you’re safe, and free to move around


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