I am a Nation!!!

I am screaming inside of me
Trapped in layers I can’t even see
Longing to shed life and be

I’ve conformed to these boundaries
Of make believe histories
That trap generations identities

I’ve lived in this house as a slave
To kids and a spouse who crave
My life and don’t see what I gave

Friends visit with gifts and a smile
While I sit back gurgling bile
At what they wanted all the while

So now the stranger is fresh air
To breath and talk without a care
And loneliness is a blank stare

I long to walk away from here
And start again somewhere
With nothing but me to care

You has become a lonely thought
Attached to everything I sought
In vain with what I’ve been caught

I can’t even muster goodbye
It’s either an attachment or lie
That I don’t even care to cry

We is a past that is tangled and dark
With beams of light to stark
For me to even find a remark

So now this point thought to be low
Is full of life and a wonderful glow
That shines on me long and slow

Nothing hanging over my head
Or false characters to shed
From the past I was led

I’m not American, married, or a lie
I reject a number or position to die
I am a nation


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