One Nation Under Who?

It’s really sophomoric how these pundits sit around grabbing straws out of the Old Testament to demonstrate how Christianity and the Bible support polygamy, slavery, and concubinage as support for the governments view of marriage. Ask yourself; what does the New Testament mean, and what did Jesus intend for our lives? And why are we justifying secular decisions with Christian principles?

Those folks who forge their doctrine on the Old Testament are often political “Cherry “Pickers”. They seek out statements out of verses to support their doctrinal principles. Often these statements and verses are taken out of context if you read the narrative completely. This was accepted at times so a preacher could make his point to a congregation, but as always the cows come home. So now it’s a tactic for all sides. There is no home field advantage.

It seems to me that to be a “Biblical Scholar” we have to read the bible putting our faith to the side. Like reading the directions to put together your latest IKEA purchase. Ill just remind you that the true craftsman starts with an ideal and a block of wood. He cuts, carves, and connects each piece with the ideal in mind, that’s why his products are called. “High End”!

By now you can see we’ve been sucked into a narrative that’s really irrelevant. Unless you’re on of the “Christian Nation” people. Jesus intended us to be one people respected of, and accountable to, each other. The “One People” never meant there wasn’t going to be others. So now it’s time to close ranks. Stand up for your faith, or stand up for your country. If you thought they were one in the same you were sadly mistaken. God Bless


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