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I think because I Am!

I think of words for all to hear
To wash away war and pain
Delivering souls to God

I dream of words that travel far
A sound that’s silent like the wind
whispering peace across hearts

I want to donate my thoughts
To a world of peaceful souls
Swirling in a myst of love

I live in a world filled with dread
Where spirits long passed cry
For the dead souls of the living

I walk where humanity is a noun
And wandering souls trapped
In clay pots breath dark air

I think because I Am
And all He is in silence
To a world of concrete hands

I fear the end is eternal
And suffering becomes joy
Within a world of extremes

I know we are the lost ones
Existing to find a light
That burns eternally silent

When blind men see
And dead men think
Real men cease to exist

Ignorance becomes fodder
When decadence rules
And soon after all men fall

Now I understand days of old
When strong men spoke truths
And weak men whispered in corners


In The Wind

Fresh cut hay drifts low
Along my memories
Bringing thoughts of you to mind

Hayseed in the wind
Your hair gusting in the breeze
Like fine pieces of silk straw

Sounds of you and I breathing
Whisper like a summer breeze
Bending trees lazily southward

I can’t leave those moments
You and I alone and drifting
Along dusty roads and emotions

Pieces of you lie around
In scents and sounds of old
Reminding me of my love for another.

I think of you in moments now
Like polishing old furniture
And smiling at the water stains

I’ve sewn seeds every season
And ours was a bountiful time
Where memories stood tall

Now I tend a different field
Where my hands remain soiled
And I know what love is

Love isn’t a moment in time
Like a storm isn’t a breeze
It’s timeless and patient

You were a season to remember
Where the soil was fertile
And the ground was soft

But now I know the beauty
The tending soils more than hands
And barren fields cultivate hope

I no longer worship the harvest
Each season brings me joy
Knowing love is always in the wind.

The Harrison Narcotics Tax act (1914)

The Harrison Narcotics Act (1914) was enacted to ensure the government got their cut in the addiction game. Usage of heroin or cocaine was not illegal, but selling it without paying the taxes was akin to bootlegging.

Here is where the seeds of addiction were being sewn bureaucratically. This hustler Francis Harrison from New York used his power as a Representative to narrow the control of “dope” and industrialize addiction.

This was before the “anti biotic” time so pills didn’t cure they treated symptoms. Since everything from syphilis to bronchitis had pain or discomfort as a symptom, cocaine or heroin were commonly prescribed creating addicts.

I recently saw several intake forms from an addiction clinic in Louisiana from the early 1900’s. The form asked when the addicts first started taking the drugs. All the answers I saw were from medical problems; so when the problem went away the prescription stopped. No such thing as detox, just a cold start to street drugs.

One other note about these forms was that woman were over represented in rehabilitation clinics at this time. There are numerous factors that could be the reason, woman generally go to the doctor more than man at this time, childbirth required 5 to 7 days hospitalized in that time, not to mention men were largely occupied with bootlegging around this time.

I am really interested in the addiction epidemic. The hypocrisy and corporate greed astound me , as does the malpractice of doctors prescribing medicine and the complacency of the pharmacist filling the script. Every family has been touched by this epidemic and the drama surrounding an addicts life keeps the veil of responsibility down tight over the faces of the guilty.

When I used to talk about this issue I would mention the “Rolling Stones” song about “Momma’s Little Helpers” back in the 60’s as evidence this ain’t no new problem. After studying further I see that we missed celebrating the hundred year anniversary of addiction in the U.S. by a few decades probably.

It seems that all along woman have been targeted and relentlessly pursued by the medical and pharmaceutical industry for as long as they’ve both existed.

We have to find a way to stop blue collar crime sooner, and that’s what this is. We can’t keep hearing whispers and echoes of addiction and focus on the addict. Logic follows that doctors, secretaries, pharmacists, techs, insurance representatives, government officials etc… have caused more addiction, crime, and death than any street dealer could hope to.

The difference between the street dealer and the other jokers is one has a license and pays taxes, the other keeps all his money. The difference between the street addict and the poseur addict is similar. The poseur addict looks down on the street addict cause they have insurance and a licensed dealer, the street addict doesn’t care where it comes from as long as they get high.

So with medical folks looking down on street dealers and poseur addicts looking down on street addicts no one pays attention to the real problem, all of them are pawns in the addiction game! Use as much caution going to the doctors office as the street addict does going to the trap cause the only difference is the furnishings in many cases.

Religion or Christian?

Religion on a macro level is a politic; this reveals an ancient organizational modus operandi for consolidating and controlling the masses
On the micro level religion doesn’t exist for the Christian. That’s how Christ lived, an interpersonal journey for eternal salvation. Jesus was about people, not places or positions that bound the soul to tradition.

So how do we read it, pray on it, share it but not see it. It confounds me that this approach to the masses is so obvious no one sees it. I’m searching for the word that captures this ideal because its American to the core.

Religion is the dichotomy of faith. Denominations are how leaders organize followers based on their philosophies. Sects define theirselves against their leaders, while Churches house the community in support of denominational goals. Christ didn’t have a denomination, sect, or church. So what are we practicing?

Early Christians traveled with Christ, some would say Followed. Worship was lived through daily acts and thoughts centered on goodness. Christ was physically with His fellow Christians therefore they couldn’t usurp Him.

The pageantry and pompous nature of some followers today seems to contradict everything Christ held as as The Christian. How do we read the story of the money changers and go to church and tithe, or use incidental prayer to prove our worth in a hierarchy of bureaucratic beliefs. There was no one, or nothing between Christ and His followers when he was hangin out, in fact Jesus chastised his disciples for doing this.

I’m certain that Christianity is rare today. I don’t dispute that the church, whatever its form, does good in the communities it serves. In the end though, it’s a community of folks following one mans vision of his interpretations and motivations within scripture. Is this bad?

I don’t know if its bad, but it’s not Christianity. Jesus told folks to go and preach the good news after he healed them or preached with them. The good news was not that a new church was coming, as some would have you believe. His message was simple. You have saving grace, so go out and treat others with kindness and respect and that’s what you’ll receive. It may not come till the end , but you did your part.

Nowhere in the message is there; go forth and preach to the world so you can one day lead a church of a different kind. Go to someone’s house, eat and pray, and leave with good tidings, that was His way. Today in most organizations you have to make an appointment to speak with a so called leader. In some cases you’ll go through an elder.

So now we have a hierarchy of compassion where you share with a fellow Christian, so speaks with a leader who guides you to outreach that briefs the pastor or reverend on the outcomes and the role they played.

I no longer attend a church, but try hourly to stay in the Transpersonal state of relations where I try to understand. It’s not easy and I pray about it occasionally. The way I see it my efforts will be rewarded with salvation, karma, and joy. What more can I ask for?


Dude, the hypocrisy of the classes within our society reveals more about where “We the people” are than any laws or legislation ever could. These legal decisions aren’t made by us, they’re put upon us; and all we do is form teams against each other and divide just like was originally intended.

The “War on Drugs” exponentially increased the “drug trade” by forcing the supply end to be creative. So since they were in the mind altering business they finally realized that mom and grandma been getting high all the time they were sneaking around trying to catch you smoking weed.

These hypocrites could sustain an addiction through their family practitioner and “Good Neighbor” pharmacist throughout their lives. How many times have you heard, “I don’t understand, she was so young and didn’t seem to be sick!”, after someone passed.

That’s how 20+ years of prescription medication kills folks. They still ride around to high end restaurants in their shiny cars flashing color coded credit cards, but the sickness hides inside. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “hide your crazy”, and as long as your still getting your fix through the economy your contributing with your crazy.

I mean, think about it; who takes Vicodin, OxyContin, or Xanax for 15 or 20 years? These class of pills don’t cure anything. They treat symptoms of a condition. So if I’m taking a pill for 15 or 20 years and I ain’t better I either ain’t that smart or I need those pills now for reasons that I need to hide my crazy!!!

The problem started getting national attention when certain classes within our society started running out of doctors and had to go to the street because their access was becoming obvious. Next thing you know their glamour shots became unrecognizable mugshots cause they didn’t have time to hide their crazy before the got locked up.

So now the “trailer park “, the hood, and the subdivision have something to share! This will never work. So now we are “busting” folks on the street who sell prescription meds, and “meth heads” that take good before and after photos. This preserves the “sub-divisions” in our society, the one where the pharmacist and doctor live!

If you think drug addiction is “down there”, or “over there” you’re sadly mistaken. What’s even more sad is if you’re reading this and think you’re different because of where or how you get your drugs. There are no differences between the “meth head” and “grandma Vicodin” when it comes to addiction. They’ll both sell your inheritance for a hit.

So if you’re out there screaming today about low level offenders getting out of jail free consider this, more folks die from prescription medication than street drugs, access to prescription drugs, (just as addictive as Meth), is easier than running down your local dealer, and the street drug industry is policed, the pharmaceutical industry is not.

So you can grow up to be “Grandma Vicodin” or “Grandpa OxyContin”, that’s cool! Just remember though, no one is coming after you and your dealer so why you coming after me and mine. You’re gettin yours, so why you worried bout what I’m doing with mine. My “homie” got 15 years for a bag of weed and your “homie” got a big house with nice cars, clothes, and vacations for thousands of scripts. You don’t hear me screaming cause he got a “stay out of jail free card” and my “homie” had to settle for the “get out of jail free card”!!!

Flags and Idiots!!

So if you’re not from the south, (which I’m not) or don’t live in the south, (which I do) you may be a little misinformed about this whole flag deal. “Ole Abe” might be able to clue you in a little about the rubric that has the “Keep it Real” generation spinning around the twisted reality they perpetuate.

I myself don’t have attachments to in -animate objects. I do love my country and the myriad of cultures within its borders. This is not to be confused with my government, it is disgraceful. I love people.

Bringing that flag down was about a dollar.” Don’t get it @$)?!#” up”, as the “Keep it Real” folks say. That flag coming down was about waiting around and finding the right tragedy to bring down that flag and the boycott that was attached to it years ago. These folks took the lives of nine Christians and attached it to a flag so they could appease an outdated civil rights organization and open the floodgates to dollars and deals.

This brings me back to “Ole Abe”. Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves in the seceded states so they could go up north and fight in the Union Army. It wasn’t till later Congress passed an amendment and freed all slaves in the United States. After “Ole Abe” was dead. This may qualify him ad the original “Slick Willy”. He freed slaves in a Country he wasn’t president so those slaves would come and fight for him while slaves in his country labored on, and he’s one of the hero’s offended by the flag according to that mouthpiece on CNN with his sophomoric journalism.
He can’t even see the rubric is more dangerous than the flag.

“Keep it Real”, right!!! I gotcha. It was easier to follow this ancient civil rights rubric to perceived justice than it was to address the real issue. Instead of taking down a flag we should be raising awareness of the “Invisible Epidemic” that plagues our country.

The lack of willingness to address mental health issues is what killed those nine Christians. The fact that addiction to prescription and street drugs effects every family in America and we spend time worrying about symbols instead of people killed those nine Christians. The fact that the intelligent arm of our society waves ignorance by instead of raising they’re voice for sanity killed those nine Christians.

I’m certain those nine Christians are in heaven shaking their heads at how they got wrapped up in a flag that didn’t matter to them anyway; Christians don’t worship flags!!!

Guns, Flags, & idiots

I hear those idiots talking
About flags ands guns
Walking in traditional circles
Listening to rhythms already sung

Talk is tough and regurgitated
From struggles years gone
But they know rust never sleeps
So they swallow cotton candy chains

I hear about crayon boxes empty
With colors faded and missing
What color is red, white and blue
A shade of jealousy or greed

It’s a sign to big to be read
Like a forest hides a tree
As if it doesn’t exist for paper
Surely no one sees the burs

If your outside the curve , hide
They’ll feed on your difference
Like squeezing juice from a fruit
And discarding the pulp