I guess in every mans life a time comes when the world changes so much he no longer understands it. I been through many changes in my 54 years, but somehow this week was my wall.

Don’t get me wrong, I ain’t for or against anything, and maybe that’s my problem. I was that bystander who just shook his head, (and an occasional fist) at the ignorance of the conversations being driven across our land. Nothing made sense.

It seems the marriage of media and Govt. is the origin of the cultural decline. I’m not implying that any change is good or bad; what’s worse is our inclination to follow sensationalism with total disregard for truth, even creating truths.

Understanding this, it seems that the truth of mental health as an epidemic is constantly hidden behind sensationalistic zeal to create truths that serve purposes. So the obvious becomes the backdrop!!!

It’s such an old tactic you think we would realize it and silence those who use this approach immediately. Unfortunately there is a rush to control every narrative before its even understood; and folks tend to find comfort in someone explaining the unexplainable. In the end it really ends up that whomever screams the loudest controls the dialog.

Many folks understand this, but don’t want to exert the energy for fear of spitting in the wind, or participating in an exercise of futility. So here we sit in a world we don’t understand shaking our heads, our hands, or worse case scenario we find ourselves lying in a puddle of drool shaking uncontrollably.

I think the most glaring example is the church shooting in South Carolina. This is where my faith in our nation sunk to an all time low. This tragedy had nothing to do with a flag, slavery, or the “War between The States”. Could that even be used as a defense?

This twisted little jerk wasn’t a
member of any group other than the massive group of mental health patients wondering our streets untreated and misunderstood; and addicts are included in this group.

We let these idiots hijack every drama and use it to drive their causes around our national airways with idiots in the backseat and the top down. Hell, it’s the intellectual equivalence of car jacking a Beauty Queen.

The real obvious aspect that leaves me despondent is how intelligent folks publicly sell their intellect for a dollar and popularity. Political figures ride the wave of ignorance for a vote. Military figures wear their badges publicly to support numerous slight of hands. Legal scholars glance over rhetoric in an attempt to create truth. Even our Medical scholars skirt facts to justify conditions that support an industry of destruction. And we, (Americans) are put in a position where we go along with for the ride or risk being a speed bump.

I know a flag never killed anyone, mans selfish ambitions kill. I know most pills don’t cure illnesses, pills either treat symptoms or create addicts. I know guns can’t kill without a maniac aiming and squeezing the trigger, sane folks don’t shoot other human beings except in self defense.

The shooter in South Carolina had mental health issues. He was found with a very dangerous prescription drug indicating he abused drugs. His profile and history show he didn’t fit in, and he needed a gun to extend his manhood. I won’t comment on parenting; I’m sure his family is going through enough. These are the problems facing young folks today, not flags or glorified histories exaggerated to make martyrs out of mouthpieces.

If you believe a normal young man or woman who was raised by thoughtful parents, schooled by a caring system of educators, and surrounded by a caring community could commit such a horrendous act, maybe we should be watching you. The reality is, even so called “bad kids” lack the immorality to do what this idiot did. That’s why it’s rare. It takes time to create a twisted reality like this spoiled little asshole lived in.

I hear. “Keep it Real” with this generation of folks. Well I say bullshit. Ya’all are so far from real you wouldn’t know it if it shot you in the face, like that Halo game you been living vicariously through. Step up, or step down!!!

This generation of folks trying to be leaders failed. The idiots that follow them are their failure. You’re lazy intellect and compromised integrity have left you where you belong. In the dirt on the playground apologizing for you arrogance hoping for another chance to be accepted, but you’ll never be anything but a joke till you learn that the team is more important than your selfish egocentric whining little desires. You’re big people now, no more reset buttons to bring life back to futility.
Welcome to reality, idiots!!!


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