Cigarettes dangling from his mouth
One hand a hammer, the other nails
Talking in blue smoke rhythms
While the sound of work hammers on

Driving and talking our way to a beer
I was young and inspired by stories
A horse with needles drives behind us
Hidden in the blue smoke and dreams

2 week run before the plastic melts
Chain store relay wins the day
Cash fills the tank and veins
Through a blue smoke nod

Kids and old ladies cry or nag
But rainy days bring dollars
The roofing belt can’t hold
a few beers later we’re home

Then the vacuum comes hard
Bars and sweat bring clarity
Out there blue smoke dissipates
Cause possibilities live in here

Furloughed hopes twitch in buses
Stopped at desolate crossroads
No one is around to see your dilemma
Or the war within the blue smoke

A young kid and an old soul drive
hustling acrid asphalt streets
One dreaming in the light of day
The other hiding behind blue smoke

That last ride down south on 95
Passing time and experience along
Exits ramps and memories long gone
Like memories up in blue smoke


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