Flags and Idiots!!

So if you’re not from the south, (which I’m not) or don’t live in the south, (which I do) you may be a little misinformed about this whole flag deal. “Ole Abe” might be able to clue you in a little about the rubric that has the “Keep it Real” generation spinning around the twisted reality they perpetuate.

I myself don’t have attachments to in -animate objects. I do love my country and the myriad of cultures within its borders. This is not to be confused with my government, it is disgraceful. I love people.

Bringing that flag down was about a dollar.” Don’t get it @$)?!#” up”, as the “Keep it Real” folks say. That flag coming down was about waiting around and finding the right tragedy to bring down that flag and the boycott that was attached to it years ago. These folks took the lives of nine Christians and attached it to a flag so they could appease an outdated civil rights organization and open the floodgates to dollars and deals.

This brings me back to “Ole Abe”. Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves in the seceded states so they could go up north and fight in the Union Army. It wasn’t till later Congress passed an amendment and freed all slaves in the United States. After “Ole Abe” was dead. This may qualify him ad the original “Slick Willy”. He freed slaves in a Country he wasn’t president so those slaves would come and fight for him while slaves in his country labored on, and he’s one of the hero’s offended by the flag according to that mouthpiece on CNN with his sophomoric journalism.
He can’t even see the rubric is more dangerous than the flag.

“Keep it Real”, right!!! I gotcha. It was easier to follow this ancient civil rights rubric to perceived justice than it was to address the real issue. Instead of taking down a flag we should be raising awareness of the “Invisible Epidemic” that plagues our country.

The lack of willingness to address mental health issues is what killed those nine Christians. The fact that addiction to prescription and street drugs effects every family in America and we spend time worrying about symbols instead of people killed those nine Christians. The fact that the intelligent arm of our society waves ignorance by instead of raising they’re voice for sanity killed those nine Christians.

I’m certain those nine Christians are in heaven shaking their heads at how they got wrapped up in a flag that didn’t matter to them anyway; Christians don’t worship flags!!!


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