Dude, the hypocrisy of the classes within our society reveals more about where “We the people” are than any laws or legislation ever could. These legal decisions aren’t made by us, they’re put upon us; and all we do is form teams against each other and divide just like was originally intended.

The “War on Drugs” exponentially increased the “drug trade” by forcing the supply end to be creative. So since they were in the mind altering business they finally realized that mom and grandma been getting high all the time they were sneaking around trying to catch you smoking weed.

These hypocrites could sustain an addiction through their family practitioner and “Good Neighbor” pharmacist throughout their lives. How many times have you heard, “I don’t understand, she was so young and didn’t seem to be sick!”, after someone passed.

That’s how 20+ years of prescription medication kills folks. They still ride around to high end restaurants in their shiny cars flashing color coded credit cards, but the sickness hides inside. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “hide your crazy”, and as long as your still getting your fix through the economy your contributing with your crazy.

I mean, think about it; who takes Vicodin, OxyContin, or Xanax for 15 or 20 years? These class of pills don’t cure anything. They treat symptoms of a condition. So if I’m taking a pill for 15 or 20 years and I ain’t better I either ain’t that smart or I need those pills now for reasons that I need to hide my crazy!!!

The problem started getting national attention when certain classes within our society started running out of doctors and had to go to the street because their access was becoming obvious. Next thing you know their glamour shots became unrecognizable mugshots cause they didn’t have time to hide their crazy before the got locked up.

So now the “trailer park “, the hood, and the subdivision have something to share! This will never work. So now we are “busting” folks on the street who sell prescription meds, and “meth heads” that take good before and after photos. This preserves the “sub-divisions” in our society, the one where the pharmacist and doctor live!

If you think drug addiction is “down there”, or “over there” you’re sadly mistaken. What’s even more sad is if you’re reading this and think you’re different because of where or how you get your drugs. There are no differences between the “meth head” and “grandma Vicodin” when it comes to addiction. They’ll both sell your inheritance for a hit.

So if you’re out there screaming today about low level offenders getting out of jail free consider this, more folks die from prescription medication than street drugs, access to prescription drugs, (just as addictive as Meth), is easier than running down your local dealer, and the street drug industry is policed, the pharmaceutical industry is not.

So you can grow up to be “Grandma Vicodin” or “Grandpa OxyContin”, that’s cool! Just remember though, no one is coming after you and your dealer so why you coming after me and mine. You’re gettin yours, so why you worried bout what I’m doing with mine. My “homie” got 15 years for a bag of weed and your “homie” got a big house with nice cars, clothes, and vacations for thousands of scripts. You don’t hear me screaming cause he got a “stay out of jail free card” and my “homie” had to settle for the “get out of jail free card”!!!


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