Religion or Christian?

Religion on a macro level is a politic; this reveals an ancient organizational modus operandi for consolidating and controlling the masses
On the micro level religion doesn’t exist for the Christian. That’s how Christ lived, an interpersonal journey for eternal salvation. Jesus was about people, not places or positions that bound the soul to tradition.

So how do we read it, pray on it, share it but not see it. It confounds me that this approach to the masses is so obvious no one sees it. I’m searching for the word that captures this ideal because its American to the core.

Religion is the dichotomy of faith. Denominations are how leaders organize followers based on their philosophies. Sects define theirselves against their leaders, while Churches house the community in support of denominational goals. Christ didn’t have a denomination, sect, or church. So what are we practicing?

Early Christians traveled with Christ, some would say Followed. Worship was lived through daily acts and thoughts centered on goodness. Christ was physically with His fellow Christians therefore they couldn’t usurp Him.

The pageantry and pompous nature of some followers today seems to contradict everything Christ held as as The Christian. How do we read the story of the money changers and go to church and tithe, or use incidental prayer to prove our worth in a hierarchy of bureaucratic beliefs. There was no one, or nothing between Christ and His followers when he was hangin out, in fact Jesus chastised his disciples for doing this.

I’m certain that Christianity is rare today. I don’t dispute that the church, whatever its form, does good in the communities it serves. In the end though, it’s a community of folks following one mans vision of his interpretations and motivations within scripture. Is this bad?

I don’t know if its bad, but it’s not Christianity. Jesus told folks to go and preach the good news after he healed them or preached with them. The good news was not that a new church was coming, as some would have you believe. His message was simple. You have saving grace, so go out and treat others with kindness and respect and that’s what you’ll receive. It may not come till the end , but you did your part.

Nowhere in the message is there; go forth and preach to the world so you can one day lead a church of a different kind. Go to someone’s house, eat and pray, and leave with good tidings, that was His way. Today in most organizations you have to make an appointment to speak with a so called leader. In some cases you’ll go through an elder.

So now we have a hierarchy of compassion where you share with a fellow Christian, so speaks with a leader who guides you to outreach that briefs the pastor or reverend on the outcomes and the role they played.

I no longer attend a church, but try hourly to stay in the Transpersonal state of relations where I try to understand. It’s not easy and I pray about it occasionally. The way I see it my efforts will be rewarded with salvation, karma, and joy. What more can I ask for?


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