I think because I Am!

I think of words for all to hear
To wash away war and pain
Delivering souls to God

I dream of words that travel far
A sound that’s silent like the wind
whispering peace across hearts

I want to donate my thoughts
To a world of peaceful souls
Swirling in a myst of love

I live in a world filled with dread
Where spirits long passed cry
For the dead souls of the living

I walk where humanity is a noun
And wandering souls trapped
In clay pots breath dark air

I think because I Am
And all He is in silence
To a world of concrete hands

I fear the end is eternal
And suffering becomes joy
Within a world of extremes

I know we are the lost ones
Existing to find a light
That burns eternally silent

When blind men see
And dead men think
Real men cease to exist

Ignorance becomes fodder
When decadence rules
And soon after all men fall

Now I understand days of old
When strong men spoke truths
And weak men whispered in corners


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