In The Wind

Fresh cut hay drifts low
Along my memories
Bringing thoughts of you to mind

Hayseed in the wind
Your hair gusting in the breeze
Like fine pieces of silk straw

Sounds of you and I breathing
Whisper like a summer breeze
Bending trees lazily southward

I can’t leave those moments
You and I alone and drifting
Along dusty roads and emotions

Pieces of you lie around
In scents and sounds of old
Reminding me of my love for another.

I think of you in moments now
Like polishing old furniture
And smiling at the water stains

I’ve sewn seeds every season
And ours was a bountiful time
Where memories stood tall

Now I tend a different field
Where my hands remain soiled
And I know what love is

Love isn’t a moment in time
Like a storm isn’t a breeze
It’s timeless and patient

You were a season to remember
Where the soil was fertile
And the ground was soft

But now I know the beauty
The tending soils more than hands
And barren fields cultivate hope

I no longer worship the harvest
Each season brings me joy
Knowing love is always in the wind.


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