Cut Bait!!!

Hideous gashes hide within manicured smiles.
Scars unseen traveling roads and miles.

She wears her hair down and smile up for posterity.
Looking the part to hide the wounds of vanity.

You’ll never know cause she’ll never tell
She silences the screams to hide her living hell.

So face value is not worth the make up it will disguise
Cause underneath the laughter is the pain of being wise

It happened by degrees over many years
The silence of anguish hiding behind fears.

Who am I that I can’t see
The pain of others
Who smile for me

Give me your tears
To cleanse my heart
Ill give you my soul
And never depart

It’s love and time that heals the scars
That only i feel behind mirrored bars

You don’t know me, and really never cared.
You were in it for the fame until you got scared.

You compared my darkness to the clouds in your life.
Your struggles were plastic and so was your strife.

I made you feel better that you stood around.
While others moved on standing their ground.

The mirror is a trick behind my reflection
I stand in white walls void of reflection.

You can no longer touch me with word or feelings
Your memory is faded and lost in the

So farewell my friends who really never were
I’ve found a new life I don’t have to endure.

You can keep that person you loved so much
I no longer need her or you to be such.


One thought on “Cut Bait!!!

  1. melxdyy

    Did you write this after deciding to start anew? The emotions are extremely powerful in this poem! It’s like as though you were tired of pleasing others who don’t really care in reality and you’re sick of their unnecessary complaints! Because they weren’t even there to lend you a shoulder or a listening ear when you’re down and out? For some reasons I feel rather happy to know that you’ve found the courage to move out of such unneeded people in your life, though I also feel the depression in being suffocated in silence for too long. This is extremely well-written! I love this:)



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