Cops or Robbers

Stop the @&$#€¥% whining!!!
Hey, here’s the deal! If you’re one of those guys or gals out there playing cops and robbers you could end up dead! If you’re playing the cop you better know what you signed up for. If you’re a robber just know your actions can cause death or serious harm. Doesn’t anyone read labels anymore!!!

So, if you’re a cop you better understand that we, (Americans) are asking you to go to work everyday and protect an armed community. We don’t want to disarm our communities, we want to keep our weapons so you’re not the only one armed and dangerous.

Having understood that you should understand that some cultures raise their young to think weapons are an extension of their manhood. They don’t view weapons as tools like our forefathers. Weapons are a lazy way to obtain some false image of power. So stay vigilant because you are the enemy to some of the communities you protect and serve.

If you’re a robber your $&@ could end up in a body bag and tell your folks that your life don’t matter if you don’t care enough to live it safely. This goes for the dude who isn’t really tough and tries to pretend he’s tough. You know the one who’s a “scary boy” wearing his pants on his thighs like a “chain gang sissy” on parade. Your decision to act tough and come in contact with law enforcement could get your sweet $&@ killed; so go big or go home.

These “Drama Kings” on both sides are pawns in a bigger game. Every time one of them dies our airways light up with vigils and movements. Wake up, the sentiments are by design. There are idiots out there who think we’re safer if the government is the only one armed.

If you look at those countries where the citizens are unarmed you don’t see peace and calm. You see more violent responses to control, like bombs that take out tens or hundreds of people. You see more personal attacks like stabbings and beatings. Any b$t?h can pull a trigger and run away. It’s takes a special kind of idiot to use his hands to attack someone, and a maniac to blow up groups of people.

So when you suit up today to go to work. Tell your folks you love em and make sure they understand you may not come home. The career you chose could get your $&@ killed but its worth it to you to keep others safe.

If you chose to strap up let your family know that you might not come home but it’s worth it because you don’t want a job cause that’s lame. It’s worth it cause you can make more in an hour peddling dope to other idiots than you can in a week at a “real job”!!!

You both chose dangerous professions. Your job could get you killed. Suck it up, and look up most dangerous jobs in America. You won’t find lineman, fireman, or smoke jumpers calling Fox News every time one of theirs is lost. Get Real!!!


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