I was loved.

My home is a mansion of joy
Where laughter rings true
And love permeates the air

Open windows and hearts
Are a backdrop for curtains
And kids flapping in a summer breeze

Screen doors filter the suns heat
As the wind carries crisp air
And voices between two worlds

Wooden rockers sing a steady song
Of tranquil days between inside
And outside dancing in the yard

Out back is a private view
From attic louvers bathed in sun
And shade sparkling in a myst

Paint fades long before memories
While dust covers my thoughts
And I realize I was loved

Voices fade to echoes whispering
The past forward like waves
And my youth beats like my heart

I am my memories filled with love
My thoughts have cloudy days
And sunshine dancing in turn

In the end who I am or what I was
Is measured by the memories
And love I leave behind

For its not what I know but
What I remember that’s important
And these are the treasures of life


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