The winds caresses the moon with wisps of clouds
Below the myst’s shade slowly rolls in an eerie shroud

Moonbeams shimmer around treetops
While the wind cleanses the forest of fear

Eyes dart and skin shrivels at the intervals of silence
Hiding behind every branch clattering like old bones.

Midnight romance is tense and electric as eyes turn red
Fear and excitement coupling in a wet myst of desire

Base and beauty slither in silence awaiting the wind
Stiff movements relax under the sound of the world breathing

Dawn stretches across horizons and minds alike
Alert to the dangers of light lust hides darkness within dreams

Moonshine turns to mornings dew glistening in the grass
Moisture no longer shimmers in the midnight air as it feeds the earth.

Another night is spent as darkness falls into the earth
Fear and excitement fall to the productive side of light.

For me the day is over and life is confined to boundaries
So it’s off to slumber and dream of another night of love.


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