Green Thoughts

It hangs gaseous and green
Like an odorless myst
Of something unseen

The earth shakes under your feet
As your mind creates ghosts
Swirling in deceit

What’s real becomes what is true
As you chase silent voices
That lie within you

Shadows of voices whisper fear
As your imagination panics
At the possibilities unclear

They’re not ghosts or spirits we hear
Just human emotions
Playing out in your fears

I’ve washed the time off my hands
The devils busy enough
With marketing his brand

Peace be with me today
Carrying prayers and karma
Along the way

Folks will talk and gossip is loud
I’ve learnt to tune out
The green gaseous cloud

Ill leave ole Goodman Brown
To enjoy the bonfire
As I whistle my way out of town

I’m what’s real and true to me
With a heart of gold
And a mind eye you can’t see


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