VA Benefits on the Run!!

Saying the Veterans Administration doesn’t care about veterans is like saying teachers don’t care about students. This ploy is so obvious to anyone who has been around the military any length of time.

In the 80’s I recall the government deciding to replace cooks with contract services. It was supposed to save money. Really it was to create a jump for the economy by employing civilians. There was no way a civilian kitchen staff was making less than a couple soldiers flipping burgers and eggs. It was obvious to anyone involved; but when “Uncle Sam” went capitalist on ya, you just look around and accept the wink and nod!!!

These jerks want to talk trash about the VA and expect us to just go along with every flaw they could dig up as justification for them to further cut VA benefits through increased civilianization. Our (Veterans) healthcare will get cut further if we continue to wink and nod with them. Remember back a few years when the civilians took over our free retirement health plan that we pay for now.

We all know there are more than a few clerks with PTSD who served in Quatar in an air conditioned office receiving disability benefits because they lost power regularly. When I was in I remember the stories of cooks in R&R sites during Viet Nam getting Purple Hearts for burning their hand on the grill. There will always be “Shammers” and they’ll ride along on any ship that lands them a dollar.

I doubt there’s anyone in Congress with enough leadership skills to exercise some candor and put these folks in their place. We know those all powerful officers up there are going to go with the flow; going against the grain as an officer is a quick ticket to faded jeans and real job.

In the end the economy will get its way cause there are hundreds of agencies out there with plans to move in and control our benefits as soon as they’ve the green light. Bad thing is, they’ll charge us for the transition and shame us if we complain.

Anyway, I never go to the VA really. I get 10% for hearing loss. Which really means I get 10% of my retirement untaxed. Most civilians don’t know that they take the percentage we get out of our retirement pay and give it back to us through VA untaxed.

Maybe ill just go get a license plate and check on a fishing license and just forget it even bothered me.


2 thoughts on “VA Benefits on the Run!!

  1. Merrell

    I don’t know. The waiting lists these days are pretty aweful. When I deal with the VA docs themselves, its cool, but some of the staff members there have a “kin aye help yooo? Attitude.



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