Follow the Money!!!

Follow the purchases. This is an effective investigative technique to assist law enforcement folks in determining what suspected criminals or terrorists are up to. Review receipts or inventory belongings and a picture begins to develop of the suspects intent.

So what if we flipped this technique around. What if we started with the justice department and worked our way down to the local precinct and inventoried receipts and equipment. What law enforcement intention would be revealed.

There are two basic approaches to incarceration, rehabilitative or punitive. I’m not privy to police tactics, but there seems two basic facets to policing. One is to protect and the other is to serve.

Law enforcement funding, training, and tactics have to stay within the realm of policy. One look at an officer and you can see the culture within the department. In many counties police are getting a bad reputation due to sheriffs. Sheriffs are often dressed similar to soldiers, while often police maintain the traditional uniform. Most folks just lump them together as cops, they are not the same.

Bulletproof vests, paramilitary weapons, and vehicles with metal bars on the front bumper speak volumes about intent. Some units even wear helmets. This is the uniform of an occupation force. When you send this message “The Enemy” is naturally gonna have a different view of policing than the segment of population where officers are more traditionally dressed. The message that’s being sent perpetuates the violence.

We all should be worried about this. This has been written about for years in fiction, but for some folks the “Police State” is real. Down here in Georgia it ain’t uncommon to see seized vehicles detailed by inmates outside the Sheriffs Office for sale.

Hell, these same inmates detail Officers vehicles for $2:50 on their books, and the officers actually believe they’re doing something good by “helping out”!!! Paying a man $2:50 an hour for his work is a benefit of being an officer.

These local Sheriffs office have benefitted from the increase in crime. They have targeted offenses and benefitted from the seizures to the point that they have Humvee’s, helicopters, and uniforms that largely collect dust between demonstrations of force. Just look at the budgets and you’ll see that the police industry can’t afford low crime rates; it’s contradictory to they’re policies, budget, and intent.

Until the criminal justice system in this country is under some control we will continue to enjoy the drama of news cycles and outcries of injustice. It don’t take a genius to see this, but it will take leadership to change the culture of policing that has fell in with the criminals in a game of who is tougher. Until then they will both continue to benefit from the crime we live with so they can play an expensive version of “Cops and Robbers!!!


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