Blood is “not” thicker than water!

A couple months ago my “old lady” and I were at the grocery store listening to the music before we went in and noticed a young lady run into the store and leave her kids in her car.
It wasn’t too hot out and she left the car running. We decided to sit there and watch the car till she came back. We didn’t put any thought into why she would do that till she came out with a prescription bag, rushing in the same manner as she went in.

It never crossed our mind to call the police or child services. To us that would have been judging her; the kids were safe and she didn’t have anyone with her to watch them. Life is busy sometimes and the least we could do was help out. She never knew!!!
This brings me to family. Hold on, ill catch you up in a second. I’ve heard of folks gettin in family business and bringing the “authorities” with them. I don’t know about you, but my “Old Lady” and I are the only authority in our family. Everyone else is a guest. How they act determines whether they’re welcome or not; the door is always open either way.

This had me thinking about the myth “blood is thicker than water!”. I understand that kids move on, brothers and sisters get married, and we leave our parents as we become adults. The one person we will always have is our spouse. This is the person we share the most intimate parts of our lives with. The person we trust and rely on more than anyone else in the end. Our spouse is not blood.

I ain’t gonna do or say anything sideways about family cause there is a special bond between family, including in-laws. In the end though, me and my “Old Lady” stand together with or against everyone.

There’s a saying, “Your either with me or against me.”. We don’t live like that, our circle is small and inviting, but you should know you place before you attempt to enter.

If your egocentric nature prevents you from internalizing this you should return to your younger years and revisit what you hopefully just missed. We ain’t ugly, but we’re together and our little family is open to blood and water, and it seems to us they both run hot and cold. We won’t sweat you or freeze you out, but we’ll keep our house warm.

We’re all just folks trying to live our dreams. Some it’s about people, some possessions, others money and power. They’re our dreams and should be respected for what they are.

This brings me back to the lady in the car who left her kids. She has dreams. I haven’t a clue as to her life, but assumed the best for her. I don’t even know who the prescription was for; was it pain pills, or was medicine for one of the children. Was she a single mom rushing after school or a addict trying to get next months peace. I could go on but I won’t. The only thing between us was air, no blood or water. I knew my place as a person in the human family and it wasn’t to breathe my illusions into another persons life.

I ain’t real big on the social media rant, so ill leave it at that. I love Ya’all and hope you’ve found a peace that keeps you out of other folks business. I hope you have a person in your life to live and love with, so you don’t have to run around meddling in other folks. I hope you’ve made sense of your past and are hopeful enough about the future you don’t mess around with other folks dreams. I sincerely hope you come to understand that just because you’re part of the human family, doesn’t mean you get involved with everyone’s affairs. Do unto others,etc…..!!!


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