Running in Circles

Long ago and far away
I lived to see another day

The clouds were low
And spirits high
I soared to close
And wondered why

Fearless I travel
With heart and mind wide open
I found my soul’s light

Beyond the clouds I dreamt
Lying in the myst of time
Awaiting what life meant
Struggling through reason and rhyme

Sunlight created a darkness
That closed my eyes to why
And hope melted in my blood
Till my pulse no longer kept time.

So why does the world turn
Spinning my soul to burn
When light is the path I choose
For faith my beliefs won’t lose

No longer here
My body a vessel
Wandering with my soul in tow

Through narrow paths and gorges
My journey meanders aimlessly
Elements taking sides against me
my bones clatter like dry branches
Swaying in the winters eve

Numb feet and thoughts stumble
Along frozen paths and fears

Momentum pushes or propels
And all I want to do is soar

Slowly I awaken to the mornings whisper

Light plays along the horizon mocking my dreams

My spirits rise slowly as I leave the night behind

The sun slowly crawls along my spine as the night peels away one vertebrae at a time, now I look on
Leaving the skin I shed behind

Darkness falls and rises as the sun
Searching the earth for time
And a place to rest

For me there is no rest, for I must stay awake to keep the world turning. When I finally drift off I take the world with me and maybe ill never return. Either way the dream lives to see another day. So all I ever did was run in circles.


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