Gun Control

Guns are a proud part of American history. From the early wars where farmers answered the call to “take up arms”, to the early Settlers who hunted for their meat; firearms were instrumental tools in the development of our nation.

Hold on if you think I’m sold on everyone owning a firearm, that’s not necessarily true. Those spineless bastards who put music to military raids for entertainment have skewed the minds of our youth just a much as those rappers who sit around with shiny pistols as extensions of their manhood.

We have a generation of children who grew up watching movies like the Rambo series or Terminator, and a host of other B rated movies with awesome special effects and terrible actors. These “kids” minds were twisted with the idea of firearms as weapons. Name a movie from this era with a pastoral scene and a father and son walking a trail with shotguns at the safe rest during this period. I know right!!!

Now these couch warriors gave birth to brats who play Halo or Assassins creed to the point that they are consumed with a plastic power that can extend into real life. So we do need to educate our youth about firearms as weapons as well as firearms as tools, if that’s not too late.

Guns as weapons come with responsibility. Soldiers, Police, and certain persons protecting the interest of others are examples of individuals carrying a firearm as a weapon. These individual carry weapons to protect the interest of society.

Firearms as tools are another reason folks have guns. Hunting and protecting livestock are situations where guns are tools. This is a timeless part of the heritage of many Americans. The primary function of a firearm for these folks is work, protection is secondary and seldom used against humans, contrary to the abundance of Hollywood drama.

These two groups pose no threat to other humans. However there are groups that do pose a threat hiding behind the 2nd Amendment. I support the 2nd Amendment as currently viewed by conservatives, but I can’t support extremism from gangsters or fanatics, they should be policed.

Extremist and criminals are the enemy, and they are diametrically opposed to each other, but are the same in their ignorance. They use guns as an extension of their manhood.

Extremist aren’t just the stereotypical white supremacist holed up in the mountains behind barbed wire. It’s never that simple. We know who those folks are, and they’re not the roaches that crawl out of the woodwork and wreak havoc every once in a while.

Those folks out there glorifying the power of weapons as some safety net for their own insecurities are dangerous. Guns don’t make you superior or cool, and buying them for the purpose of using them against humans out of exaggerated fears is very dangerous, that’s the Zimmerman effect to a tee.

There is also a group of folks who treat firearms as a criminal tool. Guns are glorified as a statement of manhood through music videos and games. Rap videos, crime video games, and documentaries about gangs portrayed firearms as a statement of toughness setting the bar for youth wanting to be a “Gangsta”, even if you weren’t in a gang. This goes for “Bloods and “Warlocks”.

“Wannabes” gangsta’s hanging around their hood with dope dreams and a sack are just as dangerous as the punk with a skinhead wearing chains and black clothing around his bedroom reading The Communist Manifesto cleaning a gun his introvert parents bought him for his 21st birthday.

These are our youth and we need to teach and train them right about many things. Having a pistol or shotgun around the house to “gack” someone or thinking you can buy your kid a gun and leave them be like you just bought them another video game is dangerous as hell. Signals, what signals do we send to these children about firearms and violence.

Soldiers are really the only folks who should be using firearms for violence, everyone else should be shooting targets or animals. Even Police should have a defensive posture such that the weapon they carry is “in case of emergency”!!!

Guns aren’t the problem, background checks are not a solution, parenting is the problem. It always comes back to home training. But if dad was an “OG” or a “Prepper” on the fence; maybe mom never seen a firearm but buys “Little Man” every video game on the shelf as a babysitter so he spends 14 hours a day playing Halo and watching main stream news shows. The possibilities of ignorance are endless.

There are no easy answers for the firearm debate. However; Gun control is about as far from realistic as shutting down fast food joints to halt obesity. Think about it a minute and it all stems from behavior. Behavior is learned, and can be modified.

The problem with this approach is it takes billions of dollars from the government and puts it into the hands of the economy. This threatens many folks and their standard of living.

So I imagine we’ll keep playing the middle ground to prop up the middle class in their imaginary successes with public ills. Millions of folks have retired on this ignorance and silently enjoyed their retirements knowing “the system” is a failure. The “wink and nod” is alive and well.

Till folks start to make sense you gotta fight hard for your rights as an intelligent person in this country who just wants to be left alone. Take for granted that your intelligence will be challenged and let go of the “sex wars” and the “hypocrisy hype”; you better worry more about the ever tightening reign on your freedom, they’ve been choking it more and more for 50 years.


One thought on “Gun Control

  1. America On Coffee

    Read your history. Tyranny is real. Judgrs are taking children and homes. Consider the judicial murder of Lee Peters – judge Aviva k. Bobb. Consider a judge giving your home to her friend making you homeless. Consider a $35K Baillie being put on an elderly man forcing him to leave his home. Consider the stolen life estate of. Amalia Kessler which led to her death. Thou shall not kill but, thou can injure the enemy under attack. The constitution states we have a right to bear arms!

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