Declaration of Independence

Rights, inalienable dreams of the co dependent pariah. Who gives me rights, me. Civil is people agreeing to suppress their humanity for posterity I’m never weak in the face of other men, I’m broad shouldered.

I’m free. I don’t have to inhale your words like a crack addict on a binge. I have no need for your ignorance. I know right from wrong and see through the mirage your creating. Your soul is sold while mine will remain forever free.

You aren’t a person. You’re not even visible in the light. You hide behind groveling spirits sucking the life out of their dysfunction for dollars and desire. I smell you. I hear you, and I know your dreams are wet with greed. I am a man. I am destined to think and that scares you.

Without your money ill never be poor. I stand on my own two feet with my heart around the ones I love. I work every waking hour creating something you’d never understand. You can’t threaten my existence because I won’t accept your lies. I am a man, born to be independent.

You can have your “equal” revolution that legislates society into a dysfunctional diorama where ignorance hums like the air conditioner you hear in the background while you read this declaration. Ill stand on the high ground and improve my position.

You’ll never get my loved ones either. I have folk tales and a history also. I have lived and loved, preached and lied. I wore your pride my whole adult life and felt like I was wearing a wet shirt on a fall morning. Ill never stand in the shade complaining about the cold again.

I don’t need violence. Guns and ammo are for soldiers. I know a few things you are to pompous to consider. When you tell a lie you always have to tell another, then it’s who you become. I know ignorance is as ignorance does. Most importantly I know behind every pen is a word, behind every word is a thought, and that can be mightier than any government.

I declare my independence from my government for my country so my loved ones can live a sane existence within an insane world.

Don’t assume we’re alike because your angry about politics or social movements. We’re not alike. I’m not angry, I’m free. I let go of that shit for my sanity. I am man and you can’t have my intellect for your “side”. I don’t like you, agree with you, nor do I wish to be around you. My circle is small and tight and I respect your right to be you away from me.

So you can peddle your thoughts, beliefs, and ideologies to the sheep. Don’t fear me I’m not the wolf. Don’t cower to me, I’m not the shepherd. I’m the guy in the barn to busy with my loved ones to pay attention to the circle of ignorance you’ve created.


3 thoughts on “Declaration of Independence

  1. Sabiscuit

    I think so many people are afraid to adopt a position advocating for what’s right as opposed to what is popular. A few years ago, I saw a college dropout, who made billions from and idea he stole from his friends, sitting at the same table as POTUS. This dude is probably influencing foreign policy but is he armed with information, or a bowl of cornflakes and a superficial reading of the same one sided, ill informed tripe that the news media pumps out? It’s cannibalistic, when you think of it.



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