The early morning quite breeze whispers across my mind. I fear closing my eyes for being taken to places loved or feared. My soul travels on the wind laughing at my dreams.

Even the still moments scream within my apprehension. My body sits still like prey in a copse of trees while my mind races to feel what’s coming. Life can’t be silent, danger is silent just outside of peace.

I fear no man. I fear the ripples of his greed. I’m apprehensive about the sun shining off his generosity. I loathe his intention. I search for a space where honesty doesn’t have a definition. Where empathy mocks sympathy with truth. A place where nothing is all we have.

The air between people is clean and safe to breathe, where intention is replaced with curiosity. A safe place where ownership is the history of fools. Everyone accepts their faults with pride and their gifts with humility. It seems holding my breath is the only way to this space, but who lives to tell about that.

So for now I have to construct this person you think you know. I have to color and shade my soul to protect my heart from the lies we’ve created as truths to breathe the same air.

I have a sanctuary though. A place to be me without fear or apprehension. I can take the constructs off like a smoking jacket and breathe easy unafraid to dream. I know the air is safe. A place where we are the intention.

It’s within your arms that the numbness of the cold melts my heart and frees my soul. One long embrace exhaled and I’m free to think and move without the stiffness of him. We are the freedom that I live and die. It’s never lonely and gives me the strength to be him everyday. You are home!!!


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