Silence Speaks

Silence roars in the mind of the mute. The white noise screams above the deaf with voices of deceit. Suddenly everything real lurks behind a cloud of what could be. If only I spoke the voices away I could have watched the lies dissipate into a truth I could’ve shouted above the silence.

It”s the spirits of what could be that silences the reality of what is. No one can hear the roar of possibilities silence speaks to a shaken soul.

There’s too much to align. The mind subdues the brain with thoughts that haunt the soul. All of these voices are to much for the intellect to process so the heart throbs doom throughout my spirit.

So now I’ve tamed the doubt and lies I’ve told myself. I see the colors that make up the white noise. That foul cloud of silence that shrouded my brain has been fanned away and my mind can see through the colors that tarnished my spirits gray.

The voices I hear now are of reason. They’re clear and fresh. The calm swirls in my mind as i hear; the words soothe my soul. I watch our words dance in the air between us shining light around where we are and I’m no longer alone.

It’s listening that was missing from my understanding. I hear now the the power of love and the reality that it is a mutual dialogue of concern that quiets the mind to hope. The listener and the talker are ancient figures in the art of healing the mind, body, and the spirit.

We are talking now. You’ve only just joined the conversation, but I thank you for the thoughts that transcend space and time. Knowing you’re out there contemplating our ancient concerns solidifies my belief that care is universal and voices echo past the distance that we share. All we ever have to do is trust outside our fears and speak the truth.


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