Spiritual legacy

Twisted realities spin around my mind leaving my soul to wander in search of sanity. I know we’re not alone in our grief and confusion, but it seems spirits don’t communicate with words.

Words don’t unite or divide us like friendships aren’t about hugs and handshakes. It’s sentiment that knows no boundaries between space and time. What we share our spirits have carried across time, through space, without a sound.

It’s the whisper we can’t hear that gets our attention. Knowing has no real value. Feeling is the essence of humanity. Our minds have become lazy over time and just want to dichotomize the world into verbal confusion.

Troubled souls travel inside broken vessels looking for kindred spirits. Our souls reside within our hearts while our spirits wander for peace. All the while we open our minds to distorted spaces furnished with illusion.

One day my spirit will make it back to my soul and nestle safely in my brain where we will Rest In Peace. Until then ill Rest In Distortion holding onto truth like a buoy in the expanses of an ocean.


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