Monthly Archives: January 2016


Memories with intentions come to life through fears yet realized. Details long lost leave remnants of tears like salt crystals scattered across wooden floors.

When memories and feelings part ways leaving us empty all we have left are echoes of pain. Pain without feelings, memories without stories; just a hole where the past whistles across our consciousness.

That drop off into the abyss. A black wall void of vertices, undefined spaces where emotions wander in search of memories. How can nothing define us?

This hole is a barrier to the future. Peace is clouded by the lingering understanding that some mysteries are perpetual and personal, possibly even permanent, and here lies some comfort.

How did I create this obstacle to protect myself from moving on. It’s as if to shine a light into the heart of darkness would reveal things not meant to be known. Where reality is so thunderous it’s better to let the storm pass and become a legend for others to reminisce.

Words escape understanding like feelings escape memories. It’s an impossible space to live or explain; but I understand. I’m there and here for us. I hope this means I’m never alone, nor you; and hopefully this is a place where we rotate in and out of leaving a piece of ourselves for others to hold onto.